From: "Shirley B. Reed" 

Under Camden, SC Wills - a Thomas Barr dies in l783.  Sometime between
then and l802, his widow Isabelle marries Robert Ferguson as he is
mentioned on the estate settlement in l802.  In l8l0, there is a receipt
mentioned as being from Isabelle Ferguson.

Isabelle's maide name had been Dickey -- dau. of James Dickey over in
Rutherford Co, NC.  She may have even been married previously to Thos.
Barr.  At some point in time, she and Robert Ferguson moved up into
Lincoln Co, NC.  His date of death escapes me at present, but Isabelle
is said to have lived quite a long time and may have married again.

Does this Robert or isabelle Ferguson sound familar to anyone out there?

Shirley Reed