From: arthur reece
Subject: Col Robert Ferguson, ancestors and Descendants.....
Hi Sandy,
My name is Arthur Reece, my Mother was Dora Lea
Ferguson Reece, and I am a descendant of Col. Robert ,
Robert Jr, and Moses Hiram Ferguson. et cetera
There are a couple of GEDCOM's on Roots Web, that have
messages from Barbara Sedory, an Author, and Ferguson
Researcher,. The GEDCOM of Michael Malcom has an Email
from Barbara Sedory, , and Michael Malcom states that
, she had sent him a great deal of Documentation on
this Ferguson Line, and only a small part of the
Documentation was included on his
GEDCOM. My Email to Michael Malcom was RETURNED,
Judy Montgomery has a GEDCOM on this same Ferguson
line, and She too quotes Barbara
Sedory.......evidently a very knowledgeable Ferguson
authority .
I have tried two Email addresses one from the GEDCOM's
and the other I found on Clan Ferguson for a Barbara R
I thought there was some chance that this might be
the same individual........?? Both of the Emails to
Sedory ?, Dorey,?
were returned.
I sent and email to Judy Montgomery the email went
through but so far, nothing from Her.
I know some times that folks don't want to share their
data, and that is of course their perogative. , but it
doesn't keep me from shaking the bushes trying to find
the Data that IS, 'out there'.
Can you suggest another approach that I mught try ??
1. 'Are John and Margaret Douglas the paents of Col
Robert Ferguson Sr.???
2 Annie Laurie was married twice, Alexander Ferguson,
and James Ferguson, I find conflicting data ,
with regards to the father of the JOHN mentioned
above,,,,? and another 50 question's,,< LOL
This assumes that Col Robert Sr was the father of this
Robert Jr, and grandfather of Moses Hiram Ferguson.
I have ton's of data on the Descendants Of Col Robert
Ferguson but if I can find 'yes' to the Question
number 1, that Col Robert Ferguson does descend from
John And Margaret Douglas Ferguson, and
2,find that Alexander is the father of the JOHN
Ferguson mentioned above, then I can take this line
back to the middle 1300's. , and I have been unable to
find any other researchers on the net, that
has data on this line from 1350 to 2003. Obviously,
the fact that I haven't found the data on the net,
mean that it isn't 'out there'
I would be forever indebted to you, [LOL}{I have no
shame.I will beg if I have too.<grin>, if you will
me in the right direction, that I might find this data
Sincere thanks