From: Pat Graves Reagan

I do not know if I should start at the bottom and work up or start at
the top and work down. I am from the Wilkes County NCFergusons. It is
the first person that is one the list that I am not sure who he is.
Therefore the whole thing is a mess. There is three stories and I
cannot prove any of them.

1. The three original immigrants from Scotland who first came to
Pennsylvania then to Virginia finally settled on the Yadkin River.
John born about 1749, Thomas born 1751, Richard born 1753. It is
thought that they came from Edinburgh, Scotland. Now I do not know if
I am reading this right, but some how the article does not make since.
It is taken from the Yadkin valley Historical book. It is written by
Tom w.Ferguson so if you are out there let me know. He says that John
married Francis Triplett,Richard married Francis Triplett, and Thomas
married Edith Foster. they all lived and died in the Yadkin Valley. In
the last two paragraph he skips down to Sir JamesFerguson, native of
Scotland who married Elizabeth Smith. So I have no clue as to who Sir
JamesFerguson belongs to.

2. This is the second story and sort of makes since but I cannot prove
this one either except that Elizabeth  (my grandmother says she was
born in Virginia and not Yadkin Valley. Sir JamesFerguson was born
about 1750 in Franklin County Virginia. His parents were JohnFerguson
and ElizabethFerguson...cannot prove, no marriage record, but says
they lived on Pigg River??? The first four children were born in
Virginia. John died in 1829 in Wilkes County North Carolina.James
Ferguson was written in 1837 in the November term of Court . He list
the following children in his will.

1. Elizabeth born in Franklin County Va. about 1773. She married
Philip Davis 9 March 1791 Wilkes County.

2. SarahFerguson born abt 1775, Franklin county Virginia, married
Edmond Tilly. 22 July 1796, Wilkes county, North Carolin.

3. JohnFerguson, born ab 1778; m. Sarah Umphrey, 27 March 1812,
Wilkes County, North Carolina.

4. JamesFerguson born abut 1781 Franklin County Virginia, m Mary
Castoven 12 March 1872 in Wilkes County.

............JaneFerguson marries Thomas Maltba who had Kurturna
Maltba who married John J.F. gggrandfather.

5. Mary born about 1782 Wilkes County, NC m John Carrol, 18 October
1800 Wilkes County Tennessee,

6. WilliamFerguson born about 1784 Wilkes county, m Marie Holderman 4
March 1809, Wilkes County North Carolina.

7. JaneFerguson born abt 1785, Wilkes County,  married William
Bradley 26 January 1812 Wilkes County, north Carolina.
......they are my ggggrandparents.

8. SmithFerguson b. 4 November 1791, Wilkes County. He was married
for times.

9. MarthaFerguson babt 1797, Wilkes county m Briant Merrymon 1818
Wilkes County. North Carolina

10. GeorgeFerguson born abt 1802 Wilkes county, North Carolina,
married Mary Estes, abt.1829 Burke County, North Carolina . Now there
are several things I still do not get. The first person in this list is
Elizabeth who m. Philip Davis, Then we have my Grandmother named Jane
Ferguson but on the marriage record her name is Elizabeth. Could there
have maybe been two marriages...just what I need....I cannot even find
the first...also in the artical it says that the first four children
were born in Franklin county Virginia(Pigg River) but in the 1850 Cencus
Jane says she was born in Virginia...I think I am getting to picky but I
hate it when the shoe does not fit.  Need help

I think everone has good ideas and I am for it, I am related to both the female line and the male line , in fact I seem to be more
Ferguson on my Mothers side than any thing. My problem is I am related to the Wilkes County North Carolina. Sir JamesFerguson who died
in Wilkes County. His father is suppose to be JohnFerguson and Elizabeth Smith who were from Franklin County Virginia. It seems to
have written in Blood somewhere. I have searched Franklin County Records and sure enough there are tons ofFergusons and Smiths but for
the life of me I can not tell you which one is which, I would love to know the proof. It is not that I doubt it , its just I cant find

Pat Reagan

Boy I really do feel like a Black sheepFerguson....I am the famious but unknown
Fergusons of Wilkes county NC.  JohnFerguson married Elizabeth Smith?????Suppose
to have been born about 1729 in Scotland settled in Franklin County Va. He died
about 1837 according the will found in Wilkes County NC. I cannot for the life of
me find a marriage or a John in Franklin County Virginia.

Sir JamesFerguson the next in line was born about 1757 Franklin County Now for
this wife I have a Elizabeth ????? The other Sibl...George , John, Charles.

Now skip a few generations but I have found KurturnaFerguson Bradley who was the
daughter of JamesFerguson and Mary Castoven . She states that her GrandFather
came to America right before the civil war. She said he fought in the Rev. She
said the Bradleys came long before theFergusons and were Welsh.  I cannot find


I have many of those same feelings. I have posted so many times to this list
and to any other list that may have the answer. I feel that in search of my
Fergusons and Bradley's of Wilkes County is fruitless.  Same old John and
Elizabeth that are suppose to be from Franklin County Virginia about 1752.
That has the same old JamesFerguson and for some reason has been known as
Sir JamesFerguson. According to his daughter in White County Ark. Her
Grandfather came right before the Ref. War and the Bradleys came a long time
before that and were welsh. I have never met a Welsh bradley yet, i have
combed the Johns and James on the Immigration list and read the Rev. till I
am blue in the face. Its not that I want someone else to do my work. I just
cannot prove,  It like people have written me or I have written to someone
else and said give me all you have on a James, John, And ElizabethFerguson.
What hurts me so bad is the Bradley and theFergusons intermarried the whole
time they were in Wilkes NC. That is over 100 years. I do believe that
someone is sitting one the information. Now the answer could have already
been figured out and they do not need the list anymore. I can tell you this I
am on a about 50 list and there is not one list better than this one. They
have put up a home page and we can read all the records and all the
information that they and others are willing to offer. I can also give you
the list of 20 names that I keep sending :\"test " just to see if they died
or if I died. I can tell you that I have not one new thing on theFerguson
list??????but it is not because they have not tried. i am convinced that I am
from a secret planet, or I was found in a cabbage patch. You never know when
it will happen as long as a list is active...It is when you do not here any
thing for 3 years then you can wonder....

have a wonderful Scottish day...keep on pushing

pat Graves Reagan

I am going to try a different approuch. Instead of looking backwards ....I am
going to sit down and write all of the Wilkes countyFergusons. All of them had
moved on except my direct line. I know that some of the names that you people are
nameing must go back to NC. Its just like KurturnaFerguson married Jackson
Bradley and settled in White County Ark. I found in a  artical decribing her
family and that of Jackson. There are a lot of times that I have seen names that
appeare to be names that came for tthose that came out of NC. Isabell is one of
them, Livingston is another along with the regular names. If you have a person
that is from NC and was born in or before 1840-50 there is a strong possiblity we
may have something. If I cannot go back now maybe I can help someone go forward.

> Pat,
> I have an ElizabethFerguson, daughter of Abraham L.Ferguson, b. ca 1826 in
> Copiah Co., MS she m. a James CORELY.  They were farming in Copiah Co, MS in
> 1870 and 1880.
> Also a James P.Ferguson b. ca 1830, son of Abraham L.Ferguson, James m.
> Elizabeth M. TYLER April 22, 1852.
> John L.Ferguson, son of Samuel MaleyFerguson, b. ca. 1816-1817 in Jasper
> Co., GA m. ? JONES.  According to Jesse W.Ferguson family records they went
> to Texas, probably near Temple.  No trace of them has been found even through
> a diligent search of Federal Census Records by the author of "WeFergusons &
> Related Families" William OttoFerguson
> I hope this helps someone

Well I think that I am making some headway. I was told etc. that John
Ferguson was from Franklin County Va. I found the name of where he lived
and it was Piggs River. Looking on the map it is located in Pittsylvania
County Virginia.  He is suppose to have come to America and landed in
Pennsylvinia. I do not have the date of his death or anything else for
that matter but is starting to make some since. Sir JamesFerguson died
in Wilkes County NC. That is his son. I have been trying to make him a
Ferguson that belonged to the three brother and it is a totally separate

Now does any one have aFerguson who lived in Piggs Creek Virginia.
(smile)..He is suppose to have fought in the Rev. War. It appears in one
of the tax records there is also a JosephFerguson (Or Furuguson).

The person who wrote me about the Furgusons and the Bradleys will you
please write me again  I lost you.

Pat Reagan

No matter how I spell this it still comes up confusing. You know I
wonder if some people just took places and added the wrong states. There
is no doubt that this is Sir JamesFerguson who married Elizabeth Smith.
However I do believe that there was two wives.

If there is proof that the John had a son named James who moved to
Montgomery in 1805 then the previous researchers had made a serious
mistake and have named the wrong James because this James was definitely
not in 1805 in Virginia . He was not in Wilkes County, Virginia but was
in Wilkes County North Carolina.

This is JamesFerguson will.
JAMESFerguson, page 219  22 August 1827,, Nov. 1837....He names his son
George, James, and John. William, Elizabeth ,Sarah, Mary, and Jane Smith
Martha no commas. Exec. Were his two sons John and James. Witness John
Carlton, Thomas Isbell Rubin Cox,  Book 4, page 222.

So this is what I am working with. I have all of the names of the
children and who they were married to. I also have the dates of the

There is no one listed in the will books that would appear to be the
father of James. What is also confusing is that there appeared to be no
other relation ship to the otherFergusons that were in town. In the
1879 tax list it appears that that JamesFerguson had already bought
land and settled next door to the Bradleys.

ElizabethFerguson married WilliamFerguson.
JamesFerguson the son of the above JamesFerguson married Mary Castoven
and they had a daughter named ElizabethFerguson who married Thomas
Ervin Maltba. Their daughter married John J. F.Bradley, who were first

Thats the long and short of it. All I can go by it is the history that
has been printed before and I have tried to prove it.I keep running into
blank walls.
According to Mrs. Abott,s book " John is the Father of James. They lived
on Piggs River in Franklin County Virginia. That James married Elizabeth

Some of these children in this line are named Smith especilly the middle

Any body have any suggestions?


Dear Julie,

I feel like we have made a real connection. I have several problems. 1. When I
looked up Pigg River it is in pittsylvania County Virginia. Was Pitts. part of
Franklin about 1750. There is a John ,Robert in Rev. James should have been
mentioned. He was born about 1750 to 1755. John is suppose to have been born about
1720-25. It is said he came to America in his early teens. I feel like I am
chasing ghost. There is also a birth of a John in Halifax County 1720.


Pat Reagan

> Hi, Pat. Reagan
> Read your post this morning regarding JohnFerguson, on Pigg River...
> I am desc. from JohnFerguson, Jr. m. Mary Hill
> JohnFerguson Sr. m/ELizabeth ?  they lived on the carolina Rd on the Pigg
> RIver in what used to be Patrick county,Henry COunty, now Franklin
> county..d/1790..
> This John Sr. had a son by the name of James  who 1805, Montgomery CO Va ,
> 1808 Wilkes Co Va.  1814  South Carolina...
> Only information I have on James is m/Elizabeth Smith ...
> There was a JohnFerguson m/Mary  ??? GILL??  who lived in Bedford Co, part of
> Bedford CO  also became Franklin CO...
> Not connected to the aboveFergusons that I can link...There is a deed in Fr.
> co, shows John KFerguson, Mary his wife, of Monroe Co,Ky  convey to Peter
> Wright of Beford Co fpr $500....
> 1850 census , Monroe co, Ky  shows John K.Ferguson, wife mary  from Va and a
> David Emberton  10, Ky..
> Does this help or confuse?     Julie