From: "Charlene Points"

I am looking for Mildred Elizabeth Ferguson, my great-grandmother, she was
born around 1860 in Franklin Co. Arkansas, believe to be an only child, (as
the story goes),  her father name is supposedly Henry Ferguson, married to a
Barnett, he died when she was 3 and she went to live with Jesse Blagg
Family, don't know what happen to her mother.

Does anyone know of a Henry Ferguson that married a Barnett or Burnett in
Ark. My name is Charlene Points, and I would appreciate any information that
anyone might have.

I'm also trying to contact a Caroline Everett Clark, she sent a e-mail to a
friend of mine with some information on her grandmother Alpha Della Ferguson
having a brother name Henry. When I tried to write her back her e-mail
address would not work. If you are out there Caroline please get in touch
with me at:  

Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 12:31:44 -0400
Subject: KY-F: Livingston County, Kentucky, Court Order Book B,
Livingston County, Kentucky, Court Order Book B,1805:Jan. 8, 1805--
ISAAC BULLARD vs. RICHD. FERGISON On a motion for a Dis-
continuance of a ferry. RICHD. FERGUSSON by his Attorney
Accepts The Services of the Suppoenae and the Cause is
Continued untill next Court

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Henry Ferguson

I am looking for information on my g-grandmother family Mildred Elizabeth
Ferguson, b.6 Nov 1858, probably in Arkansas somewhere around Waldron Ar.
Scott County. She married George Washington Hunter 22 Dec. 1872 and had
thirteen children, all children were born in and around Charleston,
Arkansas Franklin Co.

Amanda "Mandy" Hunter b. 27 Sep 1879 twin
Adeline "Addie" Hunter b. 27 Sep 1879 twin (my grandmother)
Florence Hunter b. 1880
Rosey Hunter b. 7Aug 1880
Beulah Hunter b. 18 Sep 1882
Henry S. Hunter b.18 Nov 1884
Cefue S. Hunter b. 27 Jul 1886
Jesse Hunter b. 28 Dec 1889
M.T. Hunter b. 26 Oct 1890
Grover Cleveland Hunter b. 27 Jun 1892
Maude Hunter b. 1 Apr 1894
Minnie Matilda Hunter 18 Oct 1896
Sam Houston Hunter b. 4 Oct 1898

Mildred Elizabeth Ferguson, mother is supposed to be a BARNETT, and her
father is name is Henry. This is just hear say from my mother first cousin.
Her father died while fishing in the Arkansas River from a snake bit, again
hear say. Do not know what happen to her mother. She Mildred E. was 3 years
old when her father die and she were supposed to go and live with a family
that was named Jess Blagg. I found a Mildred Elizabeth age 10 on the 1870
Census for Arkansas, Franklin County, and then again on the 1880 Census for
Arkansas still Franklin County, listed with George Washington Hunter, as his
wife, age 20, with the three children listed above.

If anyone out there has any information on any of the people in this
family, I would greatly appreciate, no matter how small.

Charlene Points