>From Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Virginia, by Marshall Wingfield,
published by Chesapeake Book Company, Berryville, Virginia, 1964.


The first person of the name in Franklin County was Alexander Ferguson
(1740-1817), who m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Thos. Parker.  His name first appears
on a return dated Fort Pitt March 17, 1778.  It last appears on a muster roll
dated Fort Pitt April 5, 1778.  Bedford County records show he was living
there April 22, 1782.  When Franklin was formed, his home was cut off in the
new county.  He supplied beef for soldiers of the Revolution.

Alexander Ferguson had sisters, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mildred.  He mentions
nine children in his will.

Alexander Ferguson, Jr., b. 1765, m. Nancy Wood, lived at Lynchburg, and had
a son, Thomas (1789-1870), who m. 1822, Elizabeth Catherine Beaumont
(1798-1833), dau. of Matthew Beaumont (1749-1803), son of Joseph of
Yorkshire, Eng., and a dau. Mary, who m. Anthony Simmons.  An old Bible at
Redwood names other children of Alexander Ferguson, Jr., as follows:  Daniel,
James, Thaddeus and Stephen.  Census records (1820) show Thomas Ferguson had
wife and 4 children.  Stephen Ferguson m. Rhoda Greer, had a dau. Elizabeth
Greer, who m. Peter louis Holland.  Their dau. Rhoda Ann, m. Guinn Dudley.
 Their dau. Ada Lucy Mary Dudley, m. Tyler Bernard, and lived in Gannaway
Co., Mo.  Their dau. Dula Bernard, m. Clayton Hook, editor of the Auxvasse
(Mo.) Review.  Eldridge Marcellus Dudley m. Clarinda Emmaline Angle, who was
named for her grandmother, Nancy Emmaline Lee, (m. Buford Wills) dau. of
Francis Ludwell Lee, who m. Sallie Moorman of Bedford in 1804.

Eldridge Dudley was the son of James Henry Dudley and Julia Mary Elizabeth
Dudley, dau. of Thomas Dudley and Mary Heptenstall.  James Henry Dudley was a
son of Guinn Dudley.

Elizabeth Parker Ferguson (b. 1768-1838),  m. William Smith (1752-1845), a
soldier in the Revolution.  They had 12 children:  (1) Thomas, b. 1786; (2)
William H., b. 1788; (3) Mary, b. 1790, m. Kemwill Clement Gilbert; (4)
Samuel, b. 1793, m. Julia Holland, dau. of Peter and Elizabeth Greer
Ferguson; (5) Frances, b. 1795; 
(6) Elizabeth, b. 1797, m. S. Poindexter; (7) Martha, D. , m. Thomas Holland,
had dau. Julia, who m. James Alexander Ferguson of Culpepper Co., and had
children: (a) Thomas; (b) Femeretta, m. Lorenzo Gibson Waters (parents of
Icland Waters of Callaway Co., Mo.); (c) Oscar; (d) Ann, m. a Mr. Atkinson;
and (e) Bruce Ferguson; (8) Stephen Smith, b. 1802; (9) Susan, b. 1806, m.
Col. Field Allen Hancock of Jackson Co., Ala.; (10) Julia, b. 1808, m. John
Craighead, settled in Callaway Co., Mo.; (11) Sarah Parker Smith, b. 1811, m.
her cousin, Wright Smith, son of Henry Smith and Frances Burk, who came to
Warren Co., Mo., in 1837; and (12) Nancy Smith, m. a Mr. Holland.

Kemwill Clement Gilbert, son of Michael Gilbert of Franklin Co., m. Mary
Smith, ca. 1790.  Their dau. Angeline, m. James McCall of Callaway Co., Mo.
 Robert H. McCall m. Elizabeth Gilbert.  They were parents of Dr. Greene Day
McCall of Fulton, Mo.  Frances M. McCall m. Thomas Gilbert of Callaway Co.,

Henry Heth, Captain of Independent Virginia troops in the Revolution, m. a
Miss Gilbert in Buckingham Co. in 1783.  They were the parents of Sally Jane
Heth (or Heath), who m. Edmund Smart, son of Revolutionary soldier of

Eli V. Ferguson, b. 1780, m. but had no issue at census of 1820.  He
represented Franklin Co. in the legislature 1881-2.

Daniel Ferguson, twin of Eli, born 1780, m. 1806, Jemima Saunders.  Eli and
Daniel Ferguson are named in Alexander Ferguson's will of 1817, of record at
Rocky Mount.

Stephen Ferguson, m. Margaret Turner, dau. of Micajah Turner, had 6 children.

Mary Ferguson, m. a Mr. Beard, had several children, and removed to Ky.  The
Shrewsbury, Beard and Dowell families are among her descendants.

Susannah Ferguson, m. a Mr. Short.

Martha Ferguson, m. a Mr. Donahue, and one of this family m. Keziah Saunders.

Daniel Ferguson, m. Jemima Saunders in 1806.  She d. in 1837.  They had 10
children, 7 born in Franklin Co., and 3 in Montgomery Co., Mo., where they
settled prior to 1824.  Many of their descendants live in Missouri, some in
Texas (near Arlington and Dallas), and others in Louisiana.  A son, Dougald,
d. young.  Other sons, John, Joseph, Martyn (or Morton), and daughters,
married into the Phelps, Clare, Coleman, Nunnelly, Punmill and Dodd families.

Jane Smith Ferguson, b. March 11, 1824, Montgomery Co., Mo., m. Feb. 23, 1842
David Jackson Ferguson, b. Jan. 16, 1824, in Nelson Co.  He was the son of
James B. and Rachael (Matthews) Ferguson, a descendant of Colonial Governor
Matthews, and was related to the Henry, Claiborne, Jackson, Lewis and
Merriwether families.

William B. and David Ferguson, brothers, and Robert Bolling Ferguson, a son
of Maj. James Boswell and Sallie (Gay) Ferguson, of Goochland Co., settled in
St. Louis, Mo., ca. 1840.  Robert Bolling, d. in St. Louis.  David removed to
Central, Mo., ca. 1842, and m. Jane Smith Ferguson.  William B. lived near
St. Louis for several years, and was the founder of Ferguson, Mo., to which
he gave 10 acres.  He m. Louise Watson Ferguson, sister of David Jackson

Rachael, m. Morton Ferguson, brother of Jane Smith Ferguson of Montgomery
Co., Mo.

Jane Smith Ferguson was named for her Uncle William Smith, who m. Frances,
dau. of Samuel Burke of Hanover Co.  Frances Burke's sister, Elizabeth, m.
Dr. William Cabell, a physician of Henrico County.

James, m. Susan Bowen, had 8 children, two of whom were named for Robert E.
Lee.  One died young, and another became a Baptist minister.  One son bore
the name Milton.

David, m. Margaret (Peggy) Punmill.  Their youngest dau. Alice, m. R. L.
Morgan, has 5 children, and lives in Shreveport, La.

The old Ferguson home in Goochland Co., was called "Fairfield."  The family
intermarried with the Burwells and the Marshalls.  James Ferguson, who m.
Judith Eldridge, was probably a brother of John Ferguson, who m. Anne Green,
though some claim he was a brother of John B. Ferguson, who m. Mildred
Marshall Wright.  He had a brother, Abraham, who m. Nancy Smith, and moved to
Fayette Co., Ky.

David Jackson Ferguson was a Baptist minister.  His son, James Taylor
Ferguson, was a minister of the Disciples Church.  Bible records who David
and Jane (Smith) Ferguson had 14 children:  Elizabeth, Evelyn, Amanda, Nancy
Ellen, James Taylor, John William, Joseph Morton, Rachael Jane, Sally Ann,
Leonard David, Segius Frances, infant (unnamed), Mary Rebecca, and Henry

Rev. James T. Ferguson, m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Marmaduke and Elizabeth
Scott Dallas, of Pittsylvania Co., in 1868, (no descendants), and, 2nd, Betty
Laughlin, 1886.  Of the 2nd marriage there were 4 sons:  Arthur Duke, Austin
Victor, James Taylor and Guy V.

Arthur Duke Ferguson, physician of Fulton Co., Mo., received his degree of MD
in 1906, and has served as the president of the Callaway Co. Medical
Association.  He was m. in 1901 to Adah Redden, dau. of James Walker and
Sarah (Hays) Redden of Callaway Co.  She was educated at William Woods
College, is a member of the State Genealogical Commission, has compiled and
published two volumes of county historical records.  Their dau. Margaret
Adele, m. J. R. Henderson, of Jackson, Mo., has two children, John Robert and
Carolyn Margaret, publishes "The Bard," a poetry magazine, and writes poems
and short stories.

Austin Victor Ferguson, m. Brooxie Hunt, and had issue:  Frances (who m.
E. Snodgrass), Otho G., Mary Margaret, and Darrell.

James Taylor Ferguson III is a Kansas City physician.  He frequently supplies
Disciple pulpits there.  He m. Carrie McCaskey of Columbia, Mo.  She was the
first National President of the Federated Council of Church Women, and
represented the Council at Oslo, Norway, in 1936.  They have 2 sons:  J.
Harry of the United Press, New York City, and J. T. III, who won his MD
degree in 1936.  The former m. Frances Meredith Marriner of North Carolina,
has a dau. Julie.

Rev. Guy V. Ferguson, is a minister of the Disciples of Christ.  He m. Mary
Turpin, in 1903.  She died leaving 2 daughters:  Mrs. Thomas Fry of
California, and Mrs. Stephen Sumner Bagley of St. Paul, Minn.

Many citizens of Missouri are descendants of Franklin County families.  Among
them the Gilberts, Bells, McCalls, Dudleys, Smiths, Lees, Randolphs, Walkers,
Heaths, Marshalls, Gibsons, Byrds, Harveys, Carringtons, Browns, McAfees,
Pasleys, Poindexters, Bryants, Greers, Eldridges, Burwells, Beauchamps,
Stevens, Bakers, Diggs, Harts, Smiths, Carltons, Moores, Samuels, Browns,
Overtons, McIntires, Andrews, Dixons, Moormans, Lynchs, Smarts, Leftwichs,
Hopkins, Whartons, Watsons, Bedfords, Mackeys, Harrisons, Carters, Saunders,
Coles and Hunters.

Mr. Ovid Bell, the author of local histories and a publisher, is from the
Bell and Gilbert families.  Dr. E. B. Craighead, onetime President of Tulane
University, was descended from the Smith and Craighead families.


Carol Bowman