Jan Phillips

Found this in a book called "An Illustrated History of the State of
Oregon," Rev. H. K. Hines, D.D., the Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1893,
pg. 500. Thought it might help someone...

John B.Fergueson, an Oregon pioneer of 1847, was born in Richland County,
Ohio, in 1825. His father, SamuelFergueson was a native of Pennsylvania,
and passed his boyhood upon a farm; in early manhood he moved to Ohio and
was married in 1812 to Miss Jane Boyser. In 1826 they removed to Illinois,
settling near Quincy, where they lived until 1842; they then removed to
Andrew County, Missouri, and Mr.Fergueson reclaimed a farm from the native
wilds, passing the remainder of his life there.

John B.Fergueson was married April 13, 1846, to Miss May Waldroup, and
they lived with the parents during the lifetime of the latter. In the
spring of 1847 they started to Oregon with one wagon, six yoke of oxen and
four cows; they arrived at The Dalles after a comfortable trip, "without
losing a hoof."

They were met by Samuel and JesseFergueson, pioneers of 1844, and
continued by river to Portland, the cattle being driven by the trail. At
Portland they again yoked up the oxen, and traveling overland to Tualatin
plains, where they passed the winter. In the summer of 1848 they went up
the Willamette valley, and in the fall Mr.Fergueson located a claim of 640
acres, five miles west of Junction City...

Mrs.Fergueson died in April, 1879, leaving a family of six children: John
S., Sarah J., wife of Martin Trivet; Joseph H.; Mary A., wife of Joel
Pitney; Martha E., wife of Morris Allen, and Thomas Jefferson.

Mr.Fergueson was married again in 1880 to Miss Elizabeth Hinton, a native
of Oregon and a daughter of Thompson Hinton, a pioneer of 1846; they have
one child, a daughter, named Josephine. 

Jan Phillips