From: Wes Patterson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson, Scotch Immigrant

My name is Wes Patterson, first time post. My immigrant (as I'm told) was a
John Ferguson, from Scotland. Am trying to verify this. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. I will list his son's (James Ferguson) family group
sheet, as I currently have it, below. The only specific data I have is that
John's granddaughter, Mary Ferguson, married James Stephens, and they are
buried in Towns Co., GA (north GA). Mary Ferguson Stephens was born in
1795, so I assume that her grandpa John Ferguson would have been born in
the early to mid 1700s. Thanks again for any help.


Husband: James Ferguson  (F622)

   Born:                  at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   
 Father:John Ferguson
        Other Spouses: 


   Born:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   
        Other Spouses: 


   Name: Mary Ferguson
   Born: 1795             at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at: Ga.  
Spouses: James STEPHENS  


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From: Wes Patterson 

Jo Beth,
No, my Stephens and Fergusons settled in north GA. I believe they came
straight over from north western part of SC, not totally sure, though. I
don't know where John and son, James Ferguson are buried. They may have
been dead before Mary Ferguson Stephens and family came to north GA.


At 03:31 PM 9/25/98 -0400, Boyles family wrote:
Hello Wes,
I remembered your name.  I am Joyce ( Jo Beth ) Holland Boyles from
Germanton, NC.  In the past , I have sent you  information on the Stokes
County Boyles.  Is the John Ferguson that your looking for from Stokes


Do you have a Mary Ferguson born ca 1795 as the daughter of your Sir James
Ferguson (born ca 1757)? My Mary Ferguson married James Stephens and is
buried in Towns co., GA (north Ga), and is supposed to be the dau of James
Ferguson, son of John Ferguson, immigrant from Scotland. Thanks for any
help you might provide.


At 09:10 PM 9/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
Boy I really do feel like a Black sheep Ferguson....I am the famious but
Unknown Fergusons of Wilkes county NC.  John Ferguson married Elizabeth
Smith?????Suppose to have been born about 1729 in Scotland settled in Franklin County Va. He died about 1837 according the will found in Wilkes County NC. I cannot for the life of me find a marriage or a John in Franklin County Virginia.

Sir James Ferguson the next in line was born about 1757 Franklin County
Now for this wife I have a Elizabeth ????? The other Sibl...George , John, Charles.

Now skip a few generations but I have found Kurturna Ferguson Bradley who
was the daughter of James Ferguson and Mary Castoven . She states that her
GrandFather came to America right before the civil war. She said he fought in the Rev.
She said the Bradleys came long before the Fergusons and were Welsh.  I cannot
find either.