From: Mary Stuart Parks
Looking for Florence Ferguson, born c. 1820, probably in Canada. 
Married to Charles GUYETTE or GOYETTE.  It appears they migrated to
Vermont and had at least one child born there.  It is known that
they were good catholics, spoke broken english and that Florence made
great donuts. They lived in Jericho, VT.  There is also a belief that
Florence may have been a Huron indian.

Charles Guyette's father was probably Charles GOGUET from Iberville,

Ring any bells with anyone??    thanks, Mary

From: Mary Stuart Parks
Subject: [Ferguson] Successful Relationship/ Florence Ferguson
While I have your attention - Florence Ferguson/Fergason was born about
1844 in the Province of Quebec, probably not far from the New York
border with Canada. Can anyone tell me how to get some basic info when
I don't know what parish her family lived in or her parents names? I know
she married Charles Guyette and they moved to Vermont before their
children were born. Her death certificate does not have her parents names.
Thanks, Mary