From: RMiller 
Subject: Homepage visit

Sandy.... I toured the homepage at the request of Mary Ferguson Fiser.
She requested info on my connections into her lines. The connection I found while searching my lines on REDD's of Caroline Co,VA lead the Marriage of John Fargisson/Ann Stubbleson's daughter Sarah, mentioned in his will, to Thomas REDD.. Thomas Redd's son Samuel Redd married Lucy Rogers, dau of John Rogers of King & Queen Co, VA. This is my lineage.
 What info you may gather from my homepage may help others. I didn't find any followings of Sarah's family.
There was the question Mary had about a Grandson John Rogers being mentioned in John Fergusson's will. I can't see how this John Rogers(b.1681) was the grandson. None of Sam Redd's children were named John Rogers Redd...It has me bewildered also,for my John Rogers was his grandson's father-in-law.
======copy snip from will ===============
.|>ITEM.  I do bequeath and give unto my eldest son John Fargeson all my land that lies on the north
.|>side Piscataway Rolling Road. to him and his heirs forever. 
.|>ITEM. I give and bequeath unto my son James Fargeson my plantation wheron I now live and all my
.|>land on that side the aforesaid rolling road after his mother's decease, to him and his heirs forever,
.|>only reserving for my son Joseph Fargeson free liberty to live and work thereon till he can better
.|>provide (for) himself. 
.|>ITEM. I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Redd, the wife of Thomas Redd, five shillings to
.|>buy her a Bible. 
.|>ITEM. I do give and bequeath unto my grandson John Rogers one young cow and calf. 
.|>ITEM. It is my will and desire that my well-beloved wife Ann Fargeson have and injoy the use of all the
.|>rest of my estate during the time she shall continue my widow without any interruption or disturbance
.|>of any of my children, and that she shall not give nor convey any of my estate (to) any other person
.|>than as this by will directs. 
========end of snip====================

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Bud in FL