Carol (Huffington) Menges, Idaho USA
My FERGUSONs are pretty confusing at the beginning of this paternal line.  
Some people think there were two Elizabeth CROOK BLUEs and others not.  
I can't help thinking the ones who think there were two are confusing her 
with the daughter-in-law.  I haven't put much time into this yet, being 
very busy with other lines; but what I have gathered from others' work 
is the following descendancy:
5th gr-gr-dad Thomas FERGUSON (b 1733 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
+ Elisabeth LEACOCK (mar. 1756 New Jersey)
4th gr-gr-dad Samuel FERGUSON (b 9 Jun 1758, Lancaster, PA, USA)
+ Elizabeth CROOK BLUE (b 30 Nov 1769, Virginia), mar. 1788 Kentucky
3rd gr-gr-mom Rosanna FERGUSON (b 3 Apr 1810, Butler, Ohio, USA)
+Jacob TURNER, mar. 1 Jun 1829, Marion, Indiana, USA
2nd gr-gr-mom Harriet Frazier or Frances TURNER (b 4 Nov 1829, Indianapolis, Marion, IN)
+ Edward Jackson HUFFINGTON (b 17 Oct 1819, Sussex, Delaware, USA), mar. 15 Jul 1847, Marion, Indiana, USA
gr-gr-dad George Albert HUFFINGTON (b 7 Mar 1860, Marshall, Clark, Illinois, USA)
+ Harriet M. "Hattie" MILLER (b 24 Jul 1864, Darwin twp, Clark, Illinois, USA), mar 30 Mar 1887, Darwin, Clark, Illinois, USA
gr-dad Russell Dewey HUFFINGTON (b 16 Jul 1898, Darwin, Clark IL)
+ Ella Emily ELLENBERG (b 28 Dec 1894, Maywood, Cook, IL, USA)
dad Russell Dewey HUFFINGTON Jr. (b 4 Apr 1925, Gary, Lake, Indiana, USA)
+ Ann ARDEN (b 27 Feb 1928, Gary, Lake Indiana, USA), mar 30 Apr 1949, Gary, IN)
me Carol Jo (HUFFINGTON) Menges