From: Joyce McManus

My Fergusons/Fargusons are from mostly Greenville, SC area from late 1799s
and NC from 1750. My 1st thru 4th grandfathers were all Thomas Fergusons.
Thomas1, b. ca 1750, married Rachel (?). Thomas2 b 1787,m. Mary Reisor;
Thomas3, b. 1816, m. (1) Mary Humphrey (2)Susannah Sheriff (my line);
Thomas4, b. 1860, m. Willlie Alice Reid.
Names researching: Ferguson, Reid, Lister, Moore, Cannon, Gray, Bagwell,
Hastings, Bon, Bowick, Widemsan, and more.
Joyce McManus

"From: ""Joyce McManus""
Subject: [Ferguson]
"RG98S-CWP28.95 3/4 standing view of Capt. Raymond Ferguson, Co. E, 12th Regt., New York State Vol. Cavalry. He is pictured in uniform. ( FURGUSON in the Adjutant General's Office)"
"RG98S-CWP32.75 Wartime bust portrait of Capt. Asa H. Ferguson, Co. C, 48th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf."
"RG98S-CWP35.101 Wartime bust portrait of Pvt. David Ferguson, Co. M, 4th Regt., Illinois Vol. Cav."
"RG98S-CWP49.106 Full standing wartime image of 1st Lt. George T. Ferguson, R.Q.M., 13th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Cav. He is in front of a backdrop."
"RG98S-CWP77.52 Wartime oval bust image of Farrier David C. Ferguson, Co. G, 2nd Regt., Iowa Vol. Inf."
"RG526S-NYSAG.2167 A bust view of Capt. Daniel J. Ferguson, Co. K, 169th Regt.,N.Y.S. Vol. Inf."
"RG526S-NYSAG.2222 A bust view of Maj. William D. Ferguson, 184th Regt., N.Y.S.Vol. Inf."
"RG98S-CWP128.35 A half sitting view of Pvt. James R. Ferguson, Co. D, 49th Regt., Ind. Vol. Inf."
"RG98S-CWP 175.24 1/2 sitting image of Sgt. James Madison Ferguson, Co. A, 5th Regt., Ill. Vol. Cav. He is pictured in uniform."
"RG98S-CWP17.25 Group photo of Co. H, 90th Regt., NYS Vol. Inf. They are identified as: Capt. William H. Todd; Orderly Sgt. Augustus Henry Ward; 1st Lt. & Adjt. Walker T. Woolley, Sgt. Francis Kennard (Kannard); Sgt. James H. Ferguson; Sgt. Richard Thomson (Thompson); Capt. John Sullivan. This is an outside view and they are wearing their overcoats."
"RG98S-CWP18.16 Seated in front of a backdrop are Pvt. George B. Smith & Pvt. Thomas W. Ferguson, Co. K, 53rd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf."
"RG98S-CWP 200.102 Wartime bust photo of 2nd Lt. Mathew A. Ferguson, Co. G, 81st Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf."
"RG98S-CWP 209.85 Waist up seated image of 1st Lt. Clark Ferguson, 4th Regt., United States Colored Cavalry. Wartime image."
"RG98S-CWP 213.71 Wartime bust image of Capt. Daniel Ferguson, Co. K, 169th Regt., NYS Vol. Infantry."
Found this site for Civil War Photos and the above Fergusons showed up. Hope someone can find an ancestor here.
Joyce McManus

"From: ""Joyce McManus""
Subject: Re: [Ferguson] John Ferguson ca 1759 NC
I wonder if he was a brother of Thomas Farguson/Ferguson married to Rachael.
"He was born about 1750-1755 either in Wake Co, NC; VA or England. Have lots"
"of descendants info on this line, but I do not have any of his siblings or"
parents. Thomas was my 4th gr grandfather.
Joyce McManus

Joyce McManus
Here are some of my Fergusons.
Joyce McManus
Generation No. 1
1. THOMAS1 FARGUSON1 was born Abt. 1750 in <NC or England>, and died January 22, 1822 in Greenville, SC2. He married RACHAEL3.
Children of THOMAS FARGUSON and RACHAEL are:
2. i. THOMAS C.2 Ferguson, b. 1787, <Wilkes Co., NC>; d. Aft. 1870, Greenville, SC.
ii. BURRELL Ferguson3, b. 1790, NC4; m. (UNKNOWN) (POLLY OR ELIZABETH??) ELROD5.
Burrell Ferguson apppears in the 1840 Census, Chamber County, Alabama. (Same person?)
3. iii. MARTHA Ferguson, b. Aft. 1790; d. Greenville Co., SC.
Generation No. 2
2. THOMAS C. Ferguson (THOMAS1 FARGUSON)5 was born 1787 in <Wilkes Co., NC>, and died Aft. 1870 in Greenville, SC6. He married MARY REISOR. Thomas is buried at Old Donham Bridge Rd, Greenville, SC8
Children of THOMAS Ferguson and MARY REISOR are:
i. DOLPH Ferguson.
4. ii. BURRELL Ferguson, b. Abt. 1810, Greenville Co., SC; d. August 12, 1862, KIA, Seven Days Battles, Richmond, VA.
5. iii. ELIZA Ferguson, b. Abt. 1814, Greenville Co., SC; d. June 06, 1887, Atlanta, GA.
iv. MALISSA Ferguson9, b. 1815, , Greenville, SC10; d. February 11, 1896, Greenville, SC10; m. ADAM SNYDER11, September 08, 1844, Burial: Springwood, Greenville, SC12
6. v. THOMAS C. Ferguson, JR., b. 1816, Greenville Co., SC; d. October 30, 1893, Greenville Co., SC.
7. vi. JAMES TYRELL Ferguson, b. Abt. 1820, , Greenville, SC; d. Bef. 1900, Cleveland, SC.
vii. MALINDA Ferguson13, b. Abt. 1821, , Greenville, SC14; d. 1900, Columbia, Richland, SC14; m. WILLIAM HOLCOMBE15.
viii. CEILY Ferguson, b. Abt. 1824, , Greenville, SC;(Burial: Reedy River Bapt, Travelers Rest, SC) m. WILLIAM B. WYNN.
ix. JAMES MADISON Ferguson, b. 1826, , Greenville, SC; d. Bef. October 09, 1875, , Greenville, SC.
8. x. MARY JANE Ferguson, b. 1827, , Greenville, SC; d. January 23, 1892.
xi. FRANCES C. FANNY Ferguson21, b. September 18, 1828, , Greenville, SC22; d. December 02, 192222; m. FRANCIS MARION MORGAN2324,25.
3. MARTHA2 Ferguson (THOMAS1 FARGUSON)26 was born Aft. 179027, and died in Greenville Co., SC27. She married JESSIE CHARLES ELROD28.
Child of MARTHA Ferguson and JESSIE ELROD is:
Generation No. 3
4. BURRELL3 Ferguson (THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)30 was born Abt. 1810 in Greenville Co., SC31, and died August 12, 1862 in KIA, Seven Days Battles, Richmond, VA (H, 2nd SC Rifle Regiment33). He married MARTHA HALL32.
Source for Burrell Ferguson children: Mary Alley, Charlotte, NC. 1998.
Children of BURRELL Ferguson and MARTHA HALL are:
i. BURRELL4 Ferguson34, b. November 04, 185035; d. December 17, 191735.
Burial: Honea Path, Anderson, SC35
ii. BARNETT Ferguson36, b. 185237.
iii. JAMES MADISON Ferguson38, b. June 25, 185439; d. November 17, 193239; m. MARY CAROLINE WHITMIRE40.
iv. MARY ANN Ferguson40, b. 185841.
v. NANCY C. Ferguson42, b. 186043.
vi. MARTHA S. Ferguson44, b. 186245.
5. ELIZA3 Ferguson (THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)46 was born Abt. 1814 in Greenville Co., SC47, and died June 06, 1887 in Atlanta, GA47.
Children of ELIZA Ferguson are:
i. GEORGIANA4 Ferguson48, b. 184349.
ii. JOSEPHINE Ferguson50, b. 184851; d. June 21, 1920, Atlanta, GA51; m. HENRY BENJAMIN SMITH52, 1868, , Greenville, SC53.
Burial: June 22, 1920, West View Cem, Atlanta, GA53
6. THOMAS C.3 Ferguson, JR. (THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)54 was born 1816 in Greenville Co., SC55, and died October 30, 1893 in Greenville Co., SC Burial: Enoree Bapt, Travelers Rest, SC
5. He married (1) MARY HUMPHREY56 April 06, 1847 in Greenville Co., SC57. He married (2) SUSANNAH SHERIFF 1859 in Greenville, SC59, daughter of ABEL SHERIFF and JANE BEARDEN. Have copies of pictures of Thomas, Susannah and Jane.
Military service: 1862, Pvt, Company A, 3rd Regiment, 1st SC Reserves59
MARY HUMPHREY:Burial: Enoree Bap Ch, Travelers Rest, SC
SUSANNAH SHERIFF:Burial: Enoree Bapt, Travelers Rest, SC
Children of THOMAS Ferguson and MARY HUMPHREY are:
i. VARDRY ALEXANDER4 Ferguson60, b. June 26, 184861; d. March 23, 192161; m. MYRA L. ELLIS62.
Vardry buried March 24, 1921, Bethlehem Meth, Pickens, SC. MYRA L. ELLIS:Buried Bethlehem Meth, Pickens, SC.
ii. JULIA HARRIET Ferguson64, b. April 15, 1849, Greenville, SC65; d. August 12, 1892, Leeds, AL65; m. W.A. WHITMIRE66, 1870, Pickens Co., SC.
iii. JOANNA JOSIE Ferguson68, b. 185169. (have picture)
10. iv. CHARLES FRANKLIN Ferguson, b. April 13, 1855, Greenville Co., SC; d. October 17, 1934, Burlington, TX.
11. v. PETER J. Ferguson, b. Abt. 1857; d. May 05, 1938, Spartanburg Co., SC.
Children of THOMAS Ferguson and SUSANNAH SHERIFF are:
12. vi. THOMAS ANSEL4 Ferguson, b. August 14, 1860, Bates Twp, Greenville, SC; d. October 30, 1938, Lancaster, SC.
vii. MARY ALICE Ferguson70, b. July 05, 186271; d. November 18, 1915, Salem, SC71; m. (1) BUCK HESTER72; m. (2) J. DAVIS BROWN72.
viii. SARAH ALICE Ferguson72, b. May 28, 1864, Greenville Co., SC73; d. January 20, 193873; m. JOHN MORGAN PARIS74, October 24, 189775.
13. ix. WILLIAM OLIVER Ferguson, b. July 13, 1866, Greenville, SC; d. January 23, 1916.
14. x. JOHN RILEY Ferguson, b. April 18, 1868, Greenville, SC; d. April 13, 1951.
xi. SAMUEL M. Ferguson76, b. May 28, 1871, Greenville, SC77; d. March 13, 1963, Pickens, SC77; m. MATTIE MEADOWS78, 189079. SAMUEL M. Ferguson:Burial: Praters Creek Bapt, Pickens, SC.
MATTIE MEADOWS: Burial: Praters Creek Bapt, Pickens, SC79
15. xii. ERNEST THEODORE Ferguson, b. November 21, 1873, Greenville, SC; d. February 20, 1951, Pickens, SC.
xiii. GEORGE RICHARD Ferguson80, b. January 30, 1876, Greenville, SC81; d. June 05, 196581; m. RUTH A. CRESSWELL82, April 12, 189583.
xiv. ROBERT MAXWELL Ferguson84, b. November 28, 187885; d. June 10, 1957, Sheridan, MT85; m. KANNIE A. GILLISPIE86, October 04, 190587.
xv. THURSEY M. Ferguson88, b. February 12, 1881, Greenville Co., SC89; d. January 09, 192189; m. FRANK DAVID ROPER90, December 190091.
7. JAMES TYRELL3 Ferguson (THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)92 was born Abt. 1820 in , Greenville, SC93, and died Bef. 1900 in Cleveland, SC93. He married HARRIET BOOZER
JAMES TYRELL Ferguson: Burial: Saluda Hills Bapt, Pickens, SC95
Children of JAMES Ferguson and HARRIET BOOZER are:
i. MARY I (J?)4 Ferguson96, b. 1842, Greenville Co., SC97.
ii. CAROLINE Ferguson98, b. 1845, Greenville Co., SC99.
16. iii. AUGUSTUS Ferguson, b. 1848, Greenville Co., SC; d. December 08, 1936, Greenville, SC.
iv. WILLIAM B. Ferguson100, b. 1850, Greenville Co., SC101.
v. JOHN Ferguson102, b. 1851, Greenville Co., SC103.
vi. FRANKLIN Ferguson104, b. 1863, SC105.
17. vii. DOCK Ferguson, b. 1868, SC; d. January 26, 1937, Greenville Co., SC.
8. MARY JANE3 Ferguson (THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)106 was born 1827 in , Greenville, SC107, and died January 23, 1892107. She married JOHN B. MARCHBANKS108. MARY JANE Ferguson:Burial: Reedy River Bapt, Travelers Rest, Greenville, SC. JOHN B. MARCHBANKS:Burial: Reedy River Bapt, Travelers Rest, Greenville, SC109
Child of MARY Ferguson and JOHN MARCHBANKS is:
i. JOHN H.4 MARCHBANKS110, b. 1859.
9. CAROLINE CECILIA3 ELROD (MARTHA2 Ferguson, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)112 was born 1817113. She married WILLIAM C. RICHARDS114.
Generation No. 4
10. CHARLES FRANKLIN4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)114 was born April 13, 1855 in Greenville Co., SC115, and died October 17, 1934 in Burlington, TX115. He married FANNY BEINERT116 June 30, 1887 in Cameron, TX117.
CHARLES FRANKLIN Ferguson: Burial: October 19, 1934, Burlington, Texas117
FANNY BEINERT: Burial: November 01, 1941, Burlington, Texas117
Children of CHARLES Ferguson and FANNY BEINERT are:
i. CLAUDE RAY5 Ferguson118, b. June 09, 1888119; d. 1966119; m. LOLA BETTYE120.
CLAUDE RAY Ferguson:Burial: Hillcrest, Temple, TX121
LOLA BETTYE: Burial: January 09, 1987, Temple, TX121
ii. CHARLES G. Ferguson122, b. March 25, 1890, Cameron, TX123; d. July 30, 1983, Springdale, AR123; m. LORA JOHNSON124, December 17, 1921, Cameron, TX125.
Newspaper: The Rosebug News, January 6, 1972, Rosebud, Texas. Artical tells of this family celebrating 50th wedding anniversary in Joplin, Missouri.
CHARLES G. Ferguson:Burial: August 07, 1983, Springdale, Arkansas125
iii. THOMAS HERBERT Ferguson126, b. March 20, 1892127; d. September 18, 1954127; m. ANNA MAE HUGHES128, October 25, 1920, Ballinger, Runnels, TX129.
THOMAS HERBERT Ferguson:Burial: September 20, 1954, Laurel Land, Fort Worth, TX129
ANNA MAE HUGHES: Burial: September 24, 1965, Laurel Land, Fort Worth, TX129
iv. LOLA Ferguson130, b. May 30, 1894131.
v. JOSIE MAE Ferguson132, b. January 26, 1896, Rogers, TX133; d. May 06, 1987, Witchita, KS133; m. (1) CLARENCE DONNOHUE134; m. (2) CHARLES HENRY SALYER134, January 15, 1953, Miami, OK135.
JOSIE MAE Ferguson: Burial: May 09, 1987, Burlington, TX135
vi. WALTER E. Ferguson136, b. March 07, 1898137.
vii. ALICE Ferguson138, b. January 07, 1900139.
viii. SAM A. Ferguson140, b. June 30, 1902141.
ix. HOPE M. Ferguson142, b. January 04, 1905143.
x. LILLIAN Ferguson144, b. July 25, 1908145.
11. PETER J.4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)146 was born Abt. 1857147, and died May 05, 1938 in Spartanburg Co., SC147. He married (1) LAURA B. MCCRACKID148. He married (2) ELLEN148.
PETER J. Ferguson:Burial: May 06, 1938, <Oakwood, Spartanburg, SC>149
LAURA B. MCCRACKID:Burial: February 06, 1930, Spartanburg Co., SC149
ELLEN:may be Peter's first wife, but not known at present.
Children of PETER Ferguson and LAURA MCCRACKID are:
i. HOMER5 Ferguson150, b. 1878, Dickens, SC151.
ii. LORA A. Ferguson152, b. 1879, Dickens, SC153.
12. THOMAS ANSEL4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)154 was born August 14, 1860 in Bates Twp, Greenville, SC, and died October 30, 1938 in Lancaster, SC. He married WILLIE ALICE REID, daughter of TOM REID.
Burial: Unmarked grave, Antioch Bapt, Lancaster, SC
Burial: Unmarked grave, Antioch Bapt, Lancaster, SC
Children of THOMAS Ferguson and WILLIE REID are:
i. MARTIN LUTHER5 Ferguson, b. December 07, 1877, Anderson Co., SC155,156; d. October 17, 1952, Spartanburg Co., SC157; m. ROXIE ANN LISTER, Bet. 1901 - 1902159.
MARTIN LUTHER Ferguson: Burial: Sunset Cem, Spartanburg, SC
ROXIE ANN LISTER: Burial: Sunset Cem, Spartanburg, SC
ii. ARTHUR Ferguson160, b. July 08, 1881, , Greenville, SC161; d. November 10, 1914161; m. CARRIE DELLA PEARSON162, November 01, 1906163.
iii. CLARENCE Ferguson164, b. December 1890165.
iv. THOMAS A. Ferguson, JR.166, b. March 03, 1893, Travelers Rest, Greenville, SC167; m. MAMIE LEE PAINTER168.
MAMIE LEE PAINTER:Burial: Greenlawn Cem, Greenville, SC169
v. CLYDIE Ferguson170, b. December 1899171; d. <State Hospital, Columbia, Richland, SC>171.
13. WILLIAM OLIVER4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)172 was born July 13, 1866 in Greenville, SC173, and died January 23, 1916173. He married ANGIE GREEN174 March 31, 1890175.
WILLIAM OLIVER Ferguson: Burial: Secona Bapt, Pickens Co., SC
ANGIE GREEN: Burial: Secona Bapt, Pickens Co., SC175
Children of WILLIAM Ferguson and ANGIE GREEN are:
i. MILTON PONDER5 Ferguson176, d. Easley, Pickens, SC177.
ii. ORA Ferguson178, b. October 15, 1897, Pickens Co., SC179; d. September 04, 1938, Six Mile, Pickens, SC179; m. WILLIAM HAGOOD CHILDRESS180.
ORA Ferguson: Burial: Mountain View, Pickens, SC181
WILLIAM HAGOOD CHILDRESS: Burial: Mountain View, Pickens, SC181
14. JOHN RILEY4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)182 was born April 18, 1868 in Greenville, SC183, and died April 13, 1951183. He married JESSE ELVINIA DURAHAM184 December 24, 1894185.
Child of JOHN Ferguson and JESSE DURAHAM is:
i. RUBY5 Ferguson186, d. 1997187; m. DAVIS188.
15. ERNEST THEODORE4 Ferguson (THOMAS C.3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)188 was born November 21, 1873 in Greenville, SC189, and died February 20, 1951 in Pickens, SC189. He married MARY E. NORRIS190 February 07, 1895191.
ERNEST THEODORE Ferguson: Burial: Crossroads Bapt, Pickens, SC191
Child of ERNEST Ferguson and MARY NORRIS is:
i. ANNIE5 Ferguson192, d. Living in Greenville SC in 1997.193; m. BALLARD.
16. AUGUSTUS4 Ferguson (JAMES TYRELL3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)194 was born 1848 in Greenville Co., SC195, and died December 08, 1936 in Greenville, SC195. He married NANCY KEITH196.
AUGUSTUS Ferguson: Burial: December 09, 1936, , Pickens, SC197
Military service: Bet. December 04 1861 - 1864, Company F, 1st SC Cavalry197
Children of AUGUSTUS Ferguson and NANCY KEITH are:
i. CALDONEA5 Ferguson198, d. March 20, 1969, Easley, Pickens, SC199; m. WILLIAM PINKNEY EDENS200.
CALDONEA Ferguson: Burial: Oolenoy Bapt, Pickens, SC201
WILLIAM PINKNEY EDENS:Burial: Oolenoy Bapt, Pickens, SC201
ii. MONROE Ferguson202, b. 1878, Greenville Co., SC203; d. June 03, 1965, Greenville Co., SC203; m. FLORA EDENS204.
MONROE Ferguson: Burial: Oolenoy Baptist Church, Pickens County, SC205
17. DOCK4 Ferguson (JAMES TYRELL3, THOMAS C.2, THOMAS1 FARGUSON)206 was born 1868 in SC207, and died January 26, 1937 in Greenville Co., SC207.
Children of DOCK Ferguson are:
i. MAY5 Ferguson208.
ii. JOHN Ferguson208.
Joyce McManus
Here is what I have on John Fergusons. Although I don't have a brick wall,
this may help someone.
John Harrison Ferguson b. 1796, Pickens County, SC , d. 1856 in Pickens
County, SC, wife Delilah COOPER, b. & d. Spartanburg County, SC.
He is a son of James G. Ferguson, b. 1756, County Antrim, Ireland, d. 1847,
Pickens County, SC, wife Nancy STRAIN, b. Ireland, d. Pickens County, SC. I
have their children, also. Listing only two of his sons below who were
named John.
John Earle Ferguson, son of John H. and Delilah, b. 1845, Pickens County, SC
John Riley Ferguson, son of John H. and Delilah, b. 1849, Pickens County, SC
John Butler Ferguson, son of John Riley, b. 1886
John Riley Ferguson, b. 1868, Greenville, SC, son of Thomas C. and Susannah
SHERIFF (my gr gr grandparents)
Joyce McManus