L.H."Larry" McCool
in Calgary AB Canada


My Ferguson line starts with John Anderson Ferguson b. 1789 in County Armagh
Ireland m. to Jane Thompson b.1796 in Ireland. Both are buried in the
Sandhill Cemetery south of Battersea, ON .  Family of nine:  Alexander and Robert
born in Ireland, then Sarah, James, Rebecca, Thomas, William Henry, Esther,
and Elisabeth,born on Ontario near Battersea.
Most of these stayed in Canada with the exception of Robert, who, for
reasons of his wife's health moved to the USA.  I am directly descended from Alexander.
Would dearly love to hear from others searching or a part of this family. I
am very willing to exchange database.


From: "Larry McCool" 

My clan Ferguson starts
John Anderson Ferguson  b C1789 Ireland (probably County Armagh)
m. in Ireland Jane Thompson b C1796
Son Alexander Ferguson b C1819 Armagh
Son Robert 1822
Came to Canada about 1823
Daughter Sarah Ferguson b. 1824 in Canada
Remainder of family 3 boys & 3 girls born Canada

First son Alexander was my Gr. Grandfather.
Any help on John and Jane and other family members would be appreciated.


L.H. "Larry" McCool
Calgary AB Canada

  "From: ""Larry McCool""
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call
My Ferguson Clan starts with John Anderson Ferguson 1789 married to Jane
Thompsom 1796 born and married in Ireland proably County Armagh.
Migrated to what is now Ontario in the County of Frontenac.
I have NO information prior to this but do have a good descendants line.
These are mainly in Canada.
Larry McCool