Subject: [Ferguson-L]-Moses Ferguson, 1736-1801

Moses  (PA) hasn't "appeared" in the Rev. War discussion.  
Does anyone have info on him, i.e., where he was born, parents,
siblings, children, etc.?  Thanks very much.  Mary G. in NJ

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L]-Moses Ferguson, 1736-1801

The only info on the wife is that her name was supposedly 
Sarah. Supposedly, he was in the Cumberland Co., PA 
militia. Capt. John Fleming, Col. Alex Brown. Moses died 
in Flemington Co. , KY.  The Glenns, Furlows and Moses
seemed to have moved west togethor out of PA right
after the Revolution.  One source lists his children as:
Nancy, Henry, Sarah, Mary and Thomas.  That is all
we know and are not certain all of that is correct.
Thanks, Mary G.