Morning Cousins!

Second try for me to post what little I have on my Fergusons.  See 
other possible connections which have been pstd.

JEREMIAH Ferguson m. MARY __________(Boutetourt/Franklin Co's, Va.???
)Issue: (Only two known for certain.)

1.  SALLY Ferguson, m. SANFORD SCOTT...the only sib. to keep in touch 
with my g.grandfather after the War.
2.  CHARLES D. Ferguson, b. 9 September 1824, Franklin Co., Va., m. 
11 August 1848 LYDIA ANN BECKNER, dau. of ????
    Charles served in Gen. George E. Pickett's Division, Gen. 
Armstead's Brigade, 57th Regiment, Company G, Infantry...from an
    old photo I have of him...'taken en route to Gettysburg'  He is 
said to have studied at the U. of Va.,  Removed to W.Va.
    (somewhere between Charleston & Huntington...after the war), 
refused to swear an oath to the gov., could not (per family
    'history' own land because of that (?), and d. ?  leaving 
(supposedly) twelve (12) children, of whom my g.mother was one.
  Known issue:
  MARTHA PARRIZADE Ferguson, b. 7 April 1860, m. 18 March 1884, 
Charles Brent Peacher.  (My line.)
  Charles D. Ferguson, who may have been the twin brother of Martha...
unknown at this time.
  EDWARD Ferguson (no info.)
  GEORGE Ferguson...who (per family tradition) 'ran away from home 
and was never heard of again'.
  SALLY Ferguson...who m. _____GATES
  BENJAMIN Ferguson, 'An attorney in S.C., reputedly never m.'
  Others, whom I do not know.

See the name PARRIZADE (et all sp.) mentioned in another post on 
these boards.  It was also used up in W.Va., with the Fergusons out 
of Franklin Co.  Curious!

Susy Martin