I keep reading all these emails, thinking surely one will be part of my
clan. No dice, so far!

Here's what I know- Henry Ferguson was born in 1811 in Stokes Co. N.C. His
wife was named Martha, I think.  Their children were Robert, Polly A., John
A., Sally E., and James Madison b. June 18, 1840. All these born in Stokes
Co. also.

James Madison married Sarah Ann Hahn. Their children were Cora, Harry,
Donald Lee, Guy, John, Flora, William Robert, Maude, May and Minnie b.
February 20, 1877. Minnie was born in Fanning, KS and was my

Please don't tell me I'm the only one researching this bunch! Email me!

Marla Martin
St. Louis, MO

From: Marla Martin 

Regarding request for additional info.

Henry Ferguson, b. 1811 in STOKES CO., NC

Anyone know anything else about Henry?

Marla Martin

Hi again,

OK, NOW I know why I couldn't find Henry Ferguson in the census. He is
listed as FORGUSON in the 1840 NC census and FORGERSON in the 1850 NC
census. He was born in 1811 NC and I believe his second wife's name was
Martha b.1814 in VA. His children are Polly A., John H., Sally E., James
Madison and Robertson. 

There is also a Polly A. Forgerson listed with a Riley Forgerson both aged
17 in this census in a different township. This is the same age as my Polly
A. Now I know there are a lot of Pollys out there but does anyone know of
this line- be it Polly or Henry? Now that I have the right name?


Thanks Clint, I would very much appreciate it. I feel like I'm on the brink
of a BIG breakthrough. My Forguson's seem to all be in Stokes Co. but I
think Wilkes is a possibility too. I'm new at this and this was my first
lesson in how to listen to people when they tell you to search all the
unusual spellings. It has never been anything but Ferguson and then BANG,
when I got to Henry it was everything but that.

Look forward to hearing from you.

St. Louis

I got so excited I emailed this to the Boyles family privately when I meant to send it to the list. Just to reiterate- THIS LIST CAN WORK! I am living proof! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! After such a long time of searching I found a Ferguson cousin! Like other people on the list, I was getting discouraged but keep at it! It paid off for me! To the Boyles Family-- I am a descendant of Henry Ferguson b. 1811 (son of your John). I knew for a long time that Henry was married to Martha and that he was married twice- I just didn't know if she was #1 or #2. Do you know by which wife Henry had his children? My line is from his son James Madison and I have alot of info about this family. Everyone check out this page! You never know when you will hit paydirt!!!! Marla Martin St. Louis, MO