From: Margie 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson, Andrew J.

I just did a search on Ancestory for my ancestor, Andrew J. Ferguson, b ? m.
Elizabeth_______,? where?, when?.  On the Hancock co, Tn 1850 census
Elizabeth is listed as a widow with children: Sarah, Emeline, Polly, Wesley,
Robert, ,Jerry, and John.
She was age 40, and was b. in Virginia.
Their son Wesley stated on his pension application that his father and
mother both died before 1850.  However his mother did not die until after
the 1850 census was taken.  Wesley stated that he lived with his brother
Jerry from age 11 until he went into the war.(  He was listed as age 11 on
the census.)  He also stated that he was born in Claiborne co, Tn.

I have searched for years for an Andrew who was m. to an Elizabeth.  The
three that I found were too early.  She was b. ca 1810,  Would have not
married until at least 1825 or 30.
This family remained in Hancock co, Tn and decendants are found all around
this area.  I have never been able to connect this family to any other
Fergusons in the area.  There was a Samuel Ferguson that signed an affadavit
for his pension application, but I have not identified his, as yet.  I would
appreciate any help I can get on this family.

Margaret Long Mabrey

To Penny and Andrew J. Ferguson of Hancock co, Tn researchers.  I am taking
this clue litterally and researching the Callicott?Calico line, for
Elizabeth.  There was a line of them in Hawkins/Hancock co's about that

This is a new surname for me but it looks promising.  I have not seen any
information on any Carrico families being in Hancock co area.



I'm not sure about this Andrew.  He may be the one that I found that married
an Elizabeth McFarland.  I never could prove or disprove him.   I just found
out in the last day or so, that Elizabeth's last name was "Gray".  Janet
Carioti (not on line) told me that on Wesley's pension application, he
mentioned an Uncle ________Gray.  He would have to have been Elizabeth's
brother.  I looked up the Gray's in the 1850 census and found that they were
previously in Claiborne co, Tn.  That fits with what we know already.  I
have written to her to get the part of the census that gives his uncles
name.  She said that there was a lot of papers in his file because they had
applied many times.  Apparently I did not get them all.
This is not pertinent to this list but she also said that Carter Anderson's
wife was a 'Calico".  That the name was handed down in her family.  Her
grandmother had thought if was a funny name.  The research that I have done
so far is that I think she was the daughter of James Callicott, who changed
his name to 'Calico during the time he was in Hawkins/Hancock.  He married
Elizabeth Vaughn. and had 4 children that other researchers know of.
Beverly, Pricilla, John Calvin, and another that I can;t remember right now.
They settled and died in Warren co., Tn.  Other Callicott/calico families
migrated on to Indiana.  There is a Callicott list.  Not a lot of traffic
because there is not an abundance of Callicott's.  I have found 2 Web pages
so far and they both start with the same individual. John Callicott.

I will let you know what I find out about Andrew Ferguson's Elizabeth.

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>To Margie and anyone working on Andrew Ferguson, I received this on another
>list.  What do you know or think about this Andrew Ferguson.   Penny in KY
>FYI - found an Andrew Ferguson in the 1782 Halifax Co, VA Tax list - he had
>1 tithe, 2 negros, 3 horses & 12 cattle,
>Nearby is also a James F. Ferguson & Isaac Ferguson.
>Nearby in Henry Co, VA, 1782 is a William Ferguson.

From: Margie 

Andrew Ferguson, b.? d. before 1850, m. Elizabeth-----------?
(Census record for 1850 Hancock co, Tn, listed Elizabeth as a widow, b. Va,
age 40, (b 1810?)
Children:  Sarah, Robert, Mary,Wesley, Susan, John, Jerry, and Emeline.
Elizabeth died later that year 1850. according to her son, Wesley's pension
application.  In the application, she stated that his fathers name was
Andrew J. Furgason, mothers name Elizabeth.  That his father had died before
1850 and mother died that year.  He listed siblings and his childrens names.
He also said that he was b in Claiborne co, Tn.  This family remained in
Hancock co and has many descendants there.  Need to know Elizabeth's maiden
name, and more about Andrew and from whince he came?  It has been said that
Elizabeth was a GRAY,but I have found no connection.  Childrens ages range
from 1832 to 1839.)
Margaret Long Mabrey

"From: ""Margaret Mabrey""
"Subject: [Ferguson] Ferguson's in Hawkins co, Tn."
"ndrew was born in NC sometime before or after 1800.There are 3 Ferguson families listed on the 1830 Hawkins co, Tn census Abner age 40/50, Joseph age 20/30,(same page) and George age 30/40. On the 1840 Hawkins co, Tn census there were 2 Ferguson families, Joseph age 30/40, and John age 30/40. I always thought that my Andrew J. was Andrew Jackson, but it may have been Andrew John. Two of his sons names their oldest sons John. The childrens ages of this John match my Andrew J's children exactly. Joseph was in Hancock co, Tn in 1850. Descendants have no knowledge of any connection to Andrew. John disappeared. Is he the same as Andrew and left a widow in Hancock co ( part of Hawkins co, Tn? Any info world be appreciated. In fact any info on Fergusons in wither county would be appreciated"
Margaret Long Mabrey

"From: ""Margaret Mabrey""
"Subject: [Ferguson] Sarah Ferguson, Hancock co, Tn"
"I am also looking for the above Sarah Ferguson, dau of Andrew J. and Elizabeth Gray Ferguson, b app 1833, who I think married N. P. Anderson, and disappeared after the 1850 census for Hancock co, Tn. Children: 1850 listed as Lucy age 5, Sarah age 4, Jane age 3, Emeline age 2/12. His name may have been 'Noah Peter' Anderson."
Margaret Long Mabrey