From: LuranArt
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call- Emma Catherine Ferguson Wright of Arkansas. 1856-1880
I am looking for the parents of Emma Catherine Ferguson and her siblings.
She married James Walker Wright in 1856. in Sevier Co Arkansas. We have a
letter written in 1890 by a J E Wright from Chapell Hill, Sevier Co, Arkansas to
our Grandmother as Aunt and giving condolences on the death of Uncle Nat and
saying grandmaw was still alive and would want to hear from the boys and
little Gracie. These were Richard Nathaniel Ferguson's children and he was known
as Nat.
Any information on Emma Catherine or her parents may help us to locate the
parents of Richard Nathaniel Ferguson., our brick wall..
Lura Ferguson wife of Charles Arthur Ferguson,b 1917,
son of Richard Nathaniel Ferguson b 1890., (after
the death of Nat)
son of Richard Nathaniel Ferguson b 1847
(Uncle Nat.)

Replying to L Lamb:
We have been looking for the family of Richard Nathaniel Ferguson b, 1847
in Virginia, d. 1890 in Bakersfield, Ca.
I have a letter from a neice or nephew to the widow of 'Uncle Nat
'stating that 'grandmaw is still living'. The letter is signed ' J E Wright
'and is sent from Chapell Hill Arkansaw , dated Feb 25th 1890
Could there be a connection to Zerelda Matlock ?
If this is close since Heneretta Ferguson married a Wright, I would be
interested in the siblings of Zerelda and Henretta and where RNF fits into
the family.
My husband is the grandson of R N Ferguson and we have been hunting for
Grandmaw for a long time. We have R N Ferguson from 1873 in Bakersfield, Ca.
and his complete descendancy thru 3 wives and 5 children.
Hoping for a connection.

Lura Ferguson Wife of Charles Arthur Ferguson ,1917 son of
Richard Nathaniel Ferguson,
1890, son of
Richard Nathaniel
Ferguson, 1847