"From: ""Terrie and Thad Lepkowski""
Subject: [Ferguson] Ferguson ROLL CALL
Albert Ferguson
wife Harriet MAINS/MAINES
"son RICHARD H.(could be Hayden) Ferguson born 1867 Tompkinsville, Monroe County, Kentucky"
"My grandfather Richard Ferguson was born in Kentucky. His father Albert died (as the story goes) when Richard was a child. Albert Ferguson was in law enforcement of some sort and died in the line of duty. He may have died in Kentucky or Missouri. Richard was raised in Missouri and went on several cattle drives as a very young boy perhaps with another relative. He settled in Ekalaka, Montana where he married and produced six children. I have a family reunion photo that was taken sometime around 1928 in Missouri. I have no idea who the people are in the photo other than my grandfather. The photographer's name looks like A. ? Graham, Buckner Mo. I have posted the photo on Ancientfaces.com hoping that someone would recognize the others in the photo. There has been some speculation that Albert was the son of Moses Ferguson but I have no proof of that. Thanks Terrie"