From: "Patti Leake"

This is kindof a strange request.  My Ferguson is John Ferguson who married
Nancy Smith (she was born 1788).
His mother was Jane Smith and her father was John Smith.  I am just trying
every angle here.  Could he possibly have been illegitimate and taken his
fathers name as an adult?  Maybe Nancy was his cousin or even stepsister.
Could anyone with a copy of a will from a Ferguson for the late 1700's or
early 1800's check and see if there is a mention of a Jane or John Smith in
the will.  I know its a stretch but stranger things have happened.  For the
record I descend John Ferguson (VA moved to Gasconade/Osage Co Missouri
prior to 1830)-Segus Ferguson Coleman 1806 or 1810(married John
Coleman)-Eliza Jane Coleman Alexander (married William Alexander)-Julia
Francis Alexander McKague (married George McKague 1893)-Claron McKague(born
1898 married Violet Starr in 1929)-Jean Julia McKague Manes (born 1934
married David Manes 1958)-me born 1961.

I find this interesting because I have a John Fergusson of Va (1780) who
married Nancy Smith, his mother was apparently Jane Smith and her father
was John Smith, some spec that maybe he was illegitimate and later took his
fathers name of Ferguson since we can find no info on him and his mother
signed a letter sent to him as an adult as Jane Smith.  Anyway his daughter
Segus married a John Coleman.  The family moved en masse to Gasconade/Osage
Co Missouri before 1840.  Segus was born 1807 and John Coleman around the
same time, they were already married before moving to MO, sibs included
Sarah (1811 married Charles Phillips also prior to move) Martin and John. 
Do you have any info on where the name Coleman Ferguson came from?  Was it
his mothers maiden name?  Seemes like the families may have been related.

> Thanks for checking on this for me.
> This is my Coleman.  I know all about him from 1825 until his death, but
> 15+ years, I've looked for him before he appears in 1811 marrying Polly
> Proffitt.  Have no idea who his parents or siblings are or where he was
> before this 1811 marriage.
> Thank you again.  And, please keep us in mind.
> Sandra

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Re: Jesse B. Ferguson/Nannie A. Burnett

read this with interest "I saw your John Ferguson on page 002 of Marriage
Register Book 1 in the
Nelson County Courthouse this past summer.  He is the first Ferguson
entered in the Book.  I copied a lot of the Ferguson info and he does not
seem to appear in the court records after the 30 Nov 1809 marriage date.
There are still a lot of court documents I have not obtained for this time
period 1808 to 1860.  As i get these papers and read through them, i'll be
on the look out for your John."  
However this opens up another can of worms....John's daughter Segus
Ferguson Coleman was born in 1807 so does this mean that John was married
twice?  Was she the illegitimate daughter of Nancy and John or was Nancy
not her mother?  Is her birthdate listed incorrectly?  Any ideas?
Patti  (John-Segus-Eliza-William Alexander-Julia McKague-Claron
McKague-Jean Manes)

From: "Patti Leake" 

Martin Ferguson was the son of John Ferguson and Nancy Smith Ferguson from
VA.  I am descended from Martins sister Segus.  The family were early
settlers of Gasconade later (1840) Osage Co.  They lived in the
Linn/Chamois MO area.  As far as I know Martin never moved from the area.

> John Ferguson b. 1780 VA M. Nov. 30, 1809 Nelson County, VA
> M. Nancy Ann Smith b. 1782/1788 VA. d. 1862 Osage Co. MO.
> Children:
> Segus Ferguson b. 1810 VA M. 1st. John B. Coleman1820/1830 2nd William
> B. Nunnely. 1840
> Sarah Ferguson b. 11/2/1811 VA.  M. Charles Phelps 1834
> Daniel Ferguson  b. 1813 VA
> Nancy Ferguson b. 1816 VA M. Simpson Dodds.
> John J. Ferguson b. 1817 VA M. Mary Ballard
> Joseph Daniel Ferguson b. 1818 VA M. Elvira Cooper
> Martin Ferguson b. 1822 VA M. Rachel Elizabeth Ferguson 2/21/1850
> Bailey's Creek Osage Co. MO
> Jane Smith Ferguson b. 3/17/1824 Montgomery Co. MO M. David Jackson
> Ferguson 3/5/1880
> Dougald Ferguson b. 1823 Montgomery Co. MO
> James Parson Ferguson b. 2/28/1829 Osage Co. MO M. Susan Morrow Bowen
> 5/13/1852 Linn, Osage Co. MO. d. 5/27/1900 Arlington, TX. Tarrant Co.
> David J. Ferguson b. 4/12/1833 Osage Co. MO M. Margaret Anne Pummell
> d. 1/2/1901
> William Ferguson b. 1836 Osage Co. MO