The oldest Ferguson I have in my line is James Winston Ferguson, Born in Ala. ? Married Anna B. Dillard. He died in 1923 in Plainview, Tx.  Some of his decendents were Marion Marcus Ferguson-born 1884-died in a flu epidemic in 1918, at Plainview, Tx. Married Essie L. Boruff, they had 4 children.

1. Vester Marion Ferguson
2.Velver Marcus Ferguson-b-5/15/1914 died 11/21/1979
3. Una Francis Ferguson
4. Edmond Ferguson

Aquilla O. Ferguson-B-? Died 1975 @ Plainview, Tx. Married Mable Tye, they had one son Aquilla O. Ferguson.

Bob Ferguson, he lived around Jacksboro, Tx

Lewis or Louis Ferguson, also lived @ Jacksboro, both Bob and Lewis were oil men. All the above are gone to the great beyond and no where to get info. sure hope someone out there can make a connection. Mable Ferguson, once told me they were from Howellton, Ala. ?? where ever that is , I can't find it and that James was the only son in a family of 9 children. His father was a wealthy plantation owner who willed all he owned to his daughters and his slaves. Hoping for some help.


From: "Gaye Kurz" 

Want to respond to your info on the net, My line of Ferguson's were from
west Texas, also
they were orginally from Ala. Maybe some of the names are like your names or
will ring a
bell. James Winston was supposed to be born in Ala. date unknown, dies @
Plainview, Tx
in 1923 age unknown . He had several sons and a daughter named Daisy, don't
know where
the children were born or when. There was Marion Marcus he died in 1918 flu
epidemic @
Plainview Tx he was 34 years old. Aquilla O. died in Plainview in 1975.
Lewis died @
Jacksboro, Tx in the late 70's, Robert moved to Calif. He is most likley
dead or very old, and
Daisy died in the 80's @ Childress , Tx  Marion M. had 3 sons and one
daughter before he
died. Vester Marion, Velver Marcus, Una Francis & Edmond all were born in
west Tx. between
1909 and 1920. Please let me know if anything clicks