From: "Michelle Knoll"

I've recently joined the list and thought it was time I joined in!
I am looking for others who descend from Hezekiah Ferguson abt 1759 &
Elizabeth Herrick.
I'm also looking for Hezekiah's parents.
I've done research on many of the Hezekiah's and would love to hear from you
if you have one too!
I have Fergusons in VT, NY and Ontario, Canada.

From: "Michelle Knoll" 

I have a little bit of info on Gilbert Ferguson. I volunteer on two help
lists and I find this takes up a lot of my time, so Fergusons sometimes get
put on the back burner. I have been following the posts on Gilbert but have
been very busy and then out of town for our Thanksgiving. Can any one add to
this Ulster Co. NY line?  I think some of us connect to it, just need a
link. My Line is...
 Hezekiah Ferguson m. Elizabeth Herrick
    Thomas, Lena, Sara, Margarita, Catharina Kinderhook NY Dutch Reformed
They are in NY 1790 and VT1800 & 1810

Here's what I have on Ulster Fergusons and added stuff from posts over last
few weeks. Please add to it or correct!!

John & Sarah (from Phyllis)
John & Mary (from Phyllis)
1John & Anne Ferguson
2       Hannah Ferguson
2       Hezekiah Ferguson & Martha Leggett
3            Maria m. Edward Halstead???(not convinced this is a daughter)
3            Anne b. 20 July 1756
3            John b. 25 Dec 1758 m. Mary Campbell
4                    Barbary b. 1786
4                    Anne b. 1791
4                    Hezekiah b. 1793
4                    John b. 1794
4                    Catheren b. 1796
4                    Martha b. 1798
4                    Findlay b. 1800
4                    Mary b. 1802
4                    Gabriel Leggett b. 1804
4                    Jane Elize b. 1807
4                    Marget b. 1808
4                    Merrin b. 1801
3            Mary b. 17 May 1761
3            Basil b. 11 Oct 1763
3            Sarah b. 11 Dec 1765
3            Peter b. 10 Aug 1768
3            Gabriel b. 31 Mar 1745 m. Hannah Smith
4                    Hezekiah b. 1780 m. Susanna Cornell
5                            James b. 1805
5                            Anna b. 1806
5                            Hannah b. 1807 d. 1885 unmarried
5                            John C. b. 1810 m. Elizabeth? (Marie Nations
5                            Robert Reynolds b. 1812, still at home in 1850
d. unmarried
5                            Esther b. 1819
5                            Phebe A. b. 1821
4                    John
4                    Gabriel b.1780-1790
4                    James
4                    Martha
4                    Betsy
4                    Peter
4                    Thomas
4                    Smith
4                    Atkinson
3            Thomas b. 17 Jun 1747
3            Martha b. 17 July 1750
3            Bridget b. 20 Jun 1754

Thought I'd forward this from the Ontario list to the Ferguson List. There
is a John Ferguson listed.

>> Hoping this helps many researchers, I am sending a summarized version
>> of the land grants in Hemmingford, Seigniory of Lacolle, Province of
>> Quebec, now known as St. Jean-Iberville.
>> Hemmingford
>> George the Third by the grace of God of Great Britain, France and
>> Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth, To all to whom these
>> presents shall come or may in anywise concern Greeting..
>> Whereas in obedience to our Royal Instructions in this behalf and by
>> virtue of a certain Warrant of survey to him for that purpose directed
>> under the hand and seal of Our Trusty and well beloved Robert Prescott
>> Esquire Our Captain General and Governor in Chief in and Over our
>> Province of Lower Canada bearing date at Our Castle of Saint Lewis in
>> Our Cify of Quebec in Our said Province the twenty seventh day of
>> August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety
>> eight, Samuel Holland Esquire Our Surveyor General of and for our said
>> Province hath made a faithful and exact survey of a certain tract of
>> waste land situate lying and being in the District of Montreal, in our
>> Province of Lower Canada, bounded on the south by the line heretofore
>> for the Division Line between Our said Province of Lower Canada and
>> the then Province (now the State) of New York in the forty fifth
>> degree of north latitude, on the east by the rear line of the
>> Seigniory of Lacole, on the north east by a tract of land now under
>> consideration for endowing an University, and on the north west by the
>> rear lines of the Seigniory of Beauharnois, beginning at a Post marked
>> "S Lacole, Hemmingford 1793."  Standing in the said lines heretofore _
>> for the Division line between our said Province of lower Canada and
>> the then Province (now the State) of New York, in the said forty fifth
>> degree of north latitude, turning thence along the rear lines of the
>> said Seigniory of Lacole, north twenty six Degrees East by the needle
>> four hundred and twenty six chains to a post marked "Hemmingford S.
>> Lacole 1793", then to north thirty six degrees and thirty minutes
>> west, three hundred and eighty chains to a Post marked: Hemmingford
>> Beauharnois 1793.: Standing at the easterly corner of the said
>> Seigniory of Beauharnois, thence along the south easterly bounds of
>> the Seigniory of Beauharnois aforesaid, south seventy one Degrees and
>> thirty minutes west, one thousands five hundred and eighty seven
>> chains, to the north easterly boundary line of the Township of
>> Hinchinbrook, thence along the said north easterly boundary line fo
>> the Township of Hinchinbrook, south, thirty four Degrees east, twelve
>> chains to the line heretofore _ as aforesaid for the Division line
>> between Our said Province of Lower Canada and the then Province (Now
>> the State) of New York, Hence south eighty five degrees east along the
>> said Division line, one thousand five hundred and fifty two chains and
>> sixty four links to the place of beginning.
>> James McGill, Patrick Connor, Calvin May, John Ferguson, Jesse
>> Pennoyer and Pierre Guy, Esquire, Our Commissioners by us appointed
>> for making enquiries into the characters and circumstances of all and
>> every applicant for any part of our unoccupied and waste lands lying
>> within in our said Provine of Lower Canada, and for administering and
>> receiving the several oaths, affirmations and declarations required by
>> Our said Royal Instructions, have certified to Our said Captain
>> General and Governor in Chief, the then said Robert Gordon, Junior;
>> Rachel Gordon, Widow of the late Robert Gordon, Senior, deceased;
>> William Wallace; George Hoiste; John Craige; James Lewis; Oliver
>> Lewis; Ephraim Sanford; James Odel; Joshua Odel; John Odel; John
>> Weldon; John Manning; William Odel; Joshua Odel, Junior; John Chesser;
>> James McCumming; Thomas I Sullivan; William Zofelt; Ithiel(?) Towner;
>> Daniel Cameron; Alexander Cameron; Simon Noxon; Benajah Hall; Edmund
>> Weldon; Joseph Odel, Senior; Joseph Odel, Junior; Samuel Lewis;
>> William Lewis; Isaac Manning; Charles Odel; Gilvert Palon; Nathaniel
>> Chatterden; Isaac Wilsea; Charles Gordon; Daniel Norton, John Norton,
>> Senior; Richard Wragg; James Oneal; Samuel Perry, Junior; Samuel
>> Perry, Senior; Hugh Kennedy; Philip Derrick; JOhn Ferguson, Junior;
>> Francis McCanly; Robert Douglas; George Boyles; William Wilson; Philo
>> Hulbert; Abijah Cheeseman; Owen Sullivan; Abraham Friot, Senior;
>> Abraham Friot, Junior; Joseph Friot; Samuel Filer; Thomas Filer; Peter
>> Savage; William Johnson; John Brown; Reuben Hawley; James Watson,
>> Junior; Frederick Visher; William Wilsea, Junior; Charles Lewis; John
>> Cross(?), Junior; Richard Maishmant(?); Alexander Ferguson; Robert
>> Ferguson; Cornelius Mills; Michael Duell; Patrick Carrigan; James
>> Fisher; Edward Brown; Jacob Mott; Samuel Covey, Junior; Jacob Best;
>> Alexander Young; Charles Kilborn; John Cameron; Peter McCallum; Samuel
>> Covey; David Logan; Richard Mott; Edward Auberry; William Vaughan;
>> Dunham Petit; Abraham Scott; John Deaver(?); Duncan Cameron; James
>> Bell; Edward Simpson; John Soules; Edward Savage; James Savage; John
>> Savage; Jesse Brown; Ebenezer Norton; Morris Lewis: Duncan McGregor;
>> William Lunrey(?); Lemuel Scott; Adam Simpson; & Jacob Marsh are
>> persons of Loyal principles and good character, and that they and each
>> of them, have in the presence of them Our said Commissioners taken the
>> usual oaths directed by Law, and also made and subscribed the
>> Declaration by Our said Royal Instructions in this behalf required
>> whereby severally and respectively they do promise and declare that
>> they and each of them will maintain and defend to the utmost of their
>> power, the authority of us and of our Parliament as the Supreme
>> Legislature of Our said Province. Now therefore know ye further, that
>> We having taken the Premises into Our Royal consideration have save
>> and reserved and heryby do expressly save reserve to us, our heirs and
>> therefore the said Parts and Parcels of the said Township of
>> Hemmingford is as aforesaid surveyed and on Our behalf reserved by Our
>> said Surveyor General for the maintenance and support of a Protest
>> Clergy within Our said Province and for Our future Disposition; etc.

From: "Michelle Knoll" 

This is some wonderful work Don Fisher did for me awhile ago. He's looking
for Drusilla Ferguson who's in Missouri by 1850. If you have a Drusilla, let
me know. I'd love to repay him for all the work he did for me by finding
Drusilla for him!

If I have found the right Hezekiah Ferguson he married at the Dutch reformed
Church at Kinderhook NY.  He is most often listed with no religion but in
1861 listed as W. Methodist.
Hezekiah was in Columbia Co., NY 1790, VT 1810 & 1820 and in Ontario Canada
by 1830.
If you think Hezekiah & Zachariah might be connected then I'd love to have
your info.

First Generation

Hezekiah Ferguson m. Elizabeth HERRICK Bp. September 26, 1756 Kinderhook
Dutch Reformed Church, NY, daughter of Daniel HERRICK & Lena HOES (GOES).
Children of Hezekiah & Elizabeth were...

   Thomas Ferguson b. Jan 13, 1779 Bp. April 2, 1780 Kinderhook
    Lena Ferguson Bp July 22, 1781 Kinderhook DRC NY
    Sara  Ferguson Bp August 15, 1784 Kinderhook DRC NY
    Margarita Ferguson Bp. February 4, 1787 Kinderhook DRC NY
    Catharina Ferguson Bp. June 14, 1789 Kinderhook DRC NY

2nd Generation

Thomas Ferguson b. Jan 13, 1779 m. Lydia UNKNOWN b. Dec 26 1775
Children of Thomas & Lydia were.

    Hezekiah Ferguson b. February 17, 1805 Vermont

Generation Three

Hezekiah Ferguson b. February 17, 1805 Vermont, d. June 27, 1887
Murray Twp., Northumberland Co. Ont. Canada, m. 1820-1830 Annie BROCK b. 28
September 1807 Ontario Canada, d. 1871-1881 Ontario, Canada.
Children of Hezekiah & Annie were.

        Lydia Margaret Ferguson b. 17 May 1830 Ontario, Canada
        Belindia Ferguson b. 22 July 1832 Ontario, Canada
        Fannia Ferguson b. 5 Feb. 1835 York State, USA
        Maray Adaline Ferguson  b. 26 October1838 York State, USA
        Elizabeth Ferguson b. 5 February 1840 York State, USA
        Sally Ann Ferguson b. Mar 7 1842 York State, USA
        William Henry Ferguson b.Dec 19 1843 Ontario, Canada
        Persylla Ferguson Dec 13 1845 Ontario, Canada
        Ira Anson Ferguson b. 7 August 1847 Ontario, Canada

"From: ""Michelle Knoll"" 
Subject: [Ferguson] 1840 NY Census
My Hezekiah Ferguson b. 1805 VT & his father Thomas Ferguson b. 1779 NY were
in Canada for awhile and came back to NY for 10 years between 1833 & 1843.
I did a look in 1840 census and wondering if anyone can claim any of these
guys as their own.
"Also, was something happening that would cause them to return to NY in 1833?"
"Thanks, Michelle"
1840 Cayuga Moravian
Thomas Ferguson
"Males 1 10-15, 1 20-30, 150-60, 1 80-90"
Females 1 50-60
Daniel Ferguson
"Males 1 under 5, 1 30-40"
"Females 2 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 30-40"
"1840 Fulton, Oppenheim"
Thomas Ferguson
"Males 1 under 5, 1 50-60"
Females 1 40-50

"From: ""Michelle Knoll"" 
Subject: [Ferguson] Bettes in a Ferguson line?
"Does anyone have a Ferguson - Bettes connection before 1805 in NY, VT or"
"Ontario, Canada?"
I have a Hezekiah Ferguson & a Hezekiah Bettes that I'm sure are connected
but don't know how.

"From: ""Michelle Knoll"" 
Subject: [Ferguson] Fergusons in Kinderhook 1790
I looked at the 1790 Kinderhook Assessment/census? the other day for
Fergusons and other related families.
Wondering if anyone else has Fergusons in Kinderhook they're trying to
The writting was hard to read so I wrote down anything that looked like
Ferguson and other surnames that I know link into my Fergusons or other
Ferguson lines..
Jonathon Jorgasson
Hezekiah Ferguson
Jurrian Herrick
Nicholas Goes
Darius Peterson
Silas Bettes
Henry/ Harry Ferguson
Tobias VanBuren
Joseph Hagerman
adrian Post
Isaac Dingman
Abraham Philip
Anthony Post
James Fergusson Jr
James Fergusson
Stephen Ferguson
Stephen Ferguson

"Subject: [Ferguson] Hezekiah, Thomas & John Ferguson in NY & VT 1790 on"
I've received some new information and would love some input from my
Ferguson cousins please...
I just received some information on a John Ferguson from Chales Snitchler.
"This John married Ruth Peaslee. They moved to Middletown, Delaware County,"
NY. They and their child Aurey and grandchild Heman are buried at Plains
"cemetery in Ninevah, NY. See the Broome County Web site for the listing of"
all the Ferguson's buried there. Thomas also settled in Broome and Delaware
County NY area.
The John in 1850 NY lists his birthplace as VT on the 1850 NY census. He was
b 1773
In the 1790 census for VT there is a John Ferguson and he is brother to my
Thomas and son of Hezekiah of Kinderhook NY. My John was Bp in Claverack 23
Mar 1778 and his parents were m. 10 Feb 1776 in Kinderhook. So there is a
difference in age of 3 to 5 yrs between these 2 Johns.
Here are my questions....
1.) If someone was Bp in Claverack Dutch Ref Church could they have been b
in VT?
2.) Is anyone else related to this John in Middletown Delaware NY?
3.) Were there other John's in VT in 1790 census?

"From: ""Michelle Knoll"" 
Subject: Re: [Ferguson] The dreaded John problem
Here are my Johns...
John Ferguson b. 1776 NY
son of Hezekiah Ferguson b. abt 1756 & Elizabeth Herrick
John Ferguson b. either 1804-1810 inVT or 1811 - 1819 VT or Canada
son of Thoomas Ferguson b. 1779 NY & Lydia Unknown

From: Michelle Knoll 
You can add a new found son to Thomas & Lydia - John (date of b. unknown)
who was also in Northumberland Ont.and was involved in some land
transactions for Thomas. Lydia d. Sep 11 1834 in Northumberland Co ONT. I
have added approximate birth dates to Thomas' children below and made a
couple of changes to reflect info from 1800, 1810, 1819, 1825 & 27 census
records, in case anyone can make a connection.
Thomas was b in NY and came to VT with father Hezekiah in 1790. He came to
Northumberland Co Ontario between 1810 and 1819. Thomas went back to US
around 1830 and nothing further is known of him.
Much of the information Frank put in Settlers of Beekman on Hezekiah &
Martha Herrick was from my research. There is no proof that Hezekiah
Ferguson is son of Hezekiah Ferguson & Martha Leggett, infact I am inclined
to believe otherwise.
Descendants of Thomas Ferguson (s/o Hezekiah Ferguson & Elizabeth Herrick)
1 Thomas Ferguson b: November 20, 1779 Kinderhook NY
.. +Lydia b: December 26, 1775 m: Bet. 1795 - 1800 in Probably Vermont
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1795-1800 in Bennington Co., Vermont
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1800-1803 in Bennington Co., Vermont
2 Son Ferguson b: 1804-1810 prob in Bennington Co., Vermont
2 Son Ferguson b: 1804-1810 prob in Bennington Co., Vermont
2 Hezekiah Ferguson b: February 14, 1805 in Bennington Co., Vermont d: June
27, 1887 in Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada Burial: Stockdale Cemetery,
Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1810-1819 in Bennington Co., Vermont or Ontario Can
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1810-1819 in Bennington Co., Vermont or Ontario Can
2 Son Ferguson b. 1811-1819 in Bennington or Ontario Can
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1819-1820 Ontario, Canada
2 Daughter Ferguson b: 1819-1820 Ontario Canada
From: Michelle Knoll 
Subject: [Ferguson] Francis & John Ferguson Northumberland CO. Ontario CAN
A researcher in Northumberland CO asked me if I know who these two are, but
I have no record of them. Can anyone else help?
Francis Ferguson died Sept. 6, 1916, married farmer, son of
John Ferguson, aged 78 y, 8m, and 9 days.
Buried in McPhail's. lived on lot 28,C6, Brighton Twp.
Thanks, Michelle