From: Thomas Kline
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call
Hi my grandmother gave me this information a long long
time ago before the internet even existed but in
searching I have had some difficulty lining up the
dates and places. Hopefully someone else with a little
more concrete answers is out there looking for this
same group:
John Ferguson born 1816 in PA son of Thomas Ferguson
and Jane Marshall, married to Ann Eliza Richard
(Reichart) - died 1880 - no place but some of my
searching leads me to believe Kansas(?)
John Ferguson born 1850 in Westmoreland County, PA.
Married to Lydia Emma Smith daughter of Ephraim Smith
and Susanna Bates of Westmoreland County, and then
later to Matlie Carnathan Parks. Died in 1934.
Is any of this matching with anyone elses info. It
became confusing to me the more I studied it.

"From: ""Thomas Kline""
Subject: [Ferguson] John Ferguson - Westmoreland County PA 1850
Looking for more information on a John Ferguson born
"1850 in Westmoreland County, PA, son of John Ferguson"
and Ann Eliza Richard (I also have seen a variant
source spelling of Reichart). Trying to tie in
"information about these folks together, and some"
doesn't match correctly. Would appreciate any help
anyone might have. John Jr married Lydia Emma Smith
and Matlie Carnathan Parks. This information was
provided to me by my great grandmother LONG before the
internet existed.