From: John Kirby
Subject: [Ferguson] Fergusons Worcester, Worcester Co, MA 20th C
I am looking for information on this family:
Michael Ferguson born ca 1868 Worcester Co, MA died June 1914 Worcester Co,
MA [son of Austin Ferguson born Ireland ca 1843 buried 11 Oct 1907 Worcester,
MA and *Ann Kittredge born Ireland ca 1843 died between 1880-1900 Worcester
Co, MA]
Michael married ca 1898 in Worcester Co, MA to
Mary A Unknown born Ireland ca 1871 died after 1945
1] Melvin F Ferguson born 14 Jan 1901 Worcester, MA; died July 1973
Worcester, MA, buried 16 July 1973 St John's Cemetery, Worcester, MA
[married Kathleen b ca 1905 died Feb 1955; buried 21 Feb 1955 St John's
Worcester, MA]
2] John J Ferguson born 29 July 1904 Worcester, MA died 16 Nov 1990; buried
19 Nov 1990 in St John's Cemetery, Worcester, MA
* Note there are at least (probably more) 2 Ann Kittredges born around this
time and living in Worcester Co, MA area. Another married a Thomas J O'Malley
and lived in Clinton, MA

Subject: [Ferguson Austin Ferguson b 1843/44 Ireland
My greatgrandmother was Honora (Hannah) Ferguson. She was born in Ireland in
1839. She married John Kirby in 1863/64 either in Ireland or Massachusetts.
"Most of the info I got about them was from the Clinton Twp, Worcester County,"
MA 1900 census.
On the 1865 Massachusetts state census they are living in Clinton with their
"baby son Michael, listed as 10 months old."
Also living with them is Hannah's brother AUSTIN Ferguson. He is listed as 21
years of age and born in Ireland.
I have not been able to track down my gg grandparents info thru Hannah so I
thought I might try thru her brother. If anyone recognizes these names let
me know.

Subject: [Ferguson Austin Ferguson b ca 1844 IrelandMA
I would like to connect with anyone knowing anything about an Austin Ferguson
born ca 1844 in Ireland.
He is the brother of my great grandmother Hannah (Honora) Ferguson Kirby. She
was born July 1839 in Ireland.
"He is on the 1865 MA state census, living with his sister and her husband in"
"Clinton, MA. He is listed as being 21 and born in Ireland."
"Since his sister married in MA in 1863, I am assuming the Fergusons came here"
"to the United States prior to 1864, and very likely around the time of the"
potato famine in Ireland.
If you know anything about this man please contact me.

Subject: [Ferguson change of address notification
This is a change of email address notification to those who have or may wish
to correspond with me. My new email address is and no
Colleen Kirby

"Subject: [Ferguson Ferguson's buried in St John's Cemetery Worcester, MA"
This is being posted to 3 lists.
For anyone interested.
"I recently sent a letter to St John's Cemetery in Worcester, Worcester Co, MA"
asking if my great grand uncle Austin Ferguson was buried there. I received
"the answer [yes], plus a list of all the Fergusons buried there/and date of"
"burial, also in some cases the age at time of death, plus the owner of the"
lot [usually either the person buried or a relative]. If anyone would like me
"to look up a name for you, I will."
The earliest burial date is: 8 Aug 1894.
The latest burial date is: 10 Nov 1997.
This is a Catholic cemetery.
Also a request for some info. In the lot adjoining the family plot is a
person by the name of William Tebo [age 21] buried 17 Nov 1914. If anyone
knows who this person is please contact me.

Subject: [Ferguson Ireland/Worcester Co MA
Just posting my new information (mixed with old) on family.
Samuel Ferguson/w Hannah O'Malley
born in Ireland /estimated dates 1800-1820
No Evidence that Samuel and Hannah even immigrated to US; just possible from
passed down stories that are ALL mixed up.
Known children of Samuel Ferguson: Who came to America.
1] Hannah born 1839 Ireland died 1904 MA /married John Kirby ca 1863
{Children of Hannah Ferguson and John Kirby:
Michael (1864); Thomas Francis (1866); Maggie (1868); Delia (1870);
"All born in Clinton, MA"
Mary (1873); Patrick Henry (1875); James Richard (1876); John (aft 1876)
All born in Ireland. Most likely County Mayo for all. Patrick was born in
Louisburgh County Mayo Feb 1875.
[John and Hannah went back to Ireland for about 10 years from 1872-1882.]
There is one other child but name and place of birth is unknown. This is
based on 1900 census where it is stated that Hannah had 9 live births.}
2] Austin born ca 1843 Ireland died aft 1 April 1900 MA; immigrated to
America between 1860-1864. Still researching. But last known address was 19
"Wilson St Worcester, Worcester Co, MA (1900)"
"{KNOWN children of Austin Ferguson: All born in Worcester Co, MA"
Michael (1867); Mary Ann (1869); Nellie (1870); Nora (1873); Margaret (1876);
John (1878); Bridget (1880).}

Subject: [Ferguson Samuel Ferguson born early 1800s Ireland
Finally went up/back a generation in my family.
Samuel Ferguson born est 1800-1820 in Ireland.
Married Hannah O'Malley in Ireland
Children that I know of:
1] Hannah Ferguson born July 1839 Ireland; married John Kirby 1863 in
"Massachusetts; died 9 Dec 1904 in Clinton, Worcester Co, MA"
2] Austin Ferguson born 1844 Ireland; married Ann [Unknown maiden name] ca
"1867, lived in Worcester, Worcester Co, MA had children Michael, and Mary"
"Ann, also maybe Andrew and Daniel and others. I haven't had a chance to check"
all the censuses yet.
"Samuel and Hannah came to America some time between 1845 and 1863, most"
"likely from County Mayo, Ireland; and possibly came from Ireland then to"
Canada and down to Massachusetts. Not sure about the route.

While I notice that most Fergusons on the census that were born overseas are
from Scotland there are many from Ireland. I have heard that many Scots were
forced to go to Ireland (many in Antrim) and later were moved or moved on
their own down to other parts of Ireland. This is what I have heard
concerning my Fergusons. Does anyone know about this movement from Scotland
to Ireland and have any of you traced your Fergusons from the US back to
Ireland and then to more ancient roots in Scotland?