Everett Hugh Ferguson and Essie Opal (not sure of maiden name) was married in
I believe  Springfield Illinoise.    Everett and Essie had 2 children  Betty
Ferguson and Robert Ferguson (my grandfather).   Betty married a Bob Botelho,
and had no children.  Bob was married before, but I do not know if he had any
children or his wife's name.
Robert married a Mary Lea Ansly (my grandmother).  They had 3 children,
Michael, Bob, and Mary Katheryn (my mother).
Essie and Everett Hugh lived in Florida, I believe Southern Florida.  I do
know, my grandfather, Robert, DID serve in WWII. 
I'm new at this, and only seventeen.  Please be patient.

Essie Opal Matthews -b. March 18, 1908 
                              Mothers name: Fona Bell Mathews
                              Fathers name:  George Elliot
   children's names were:
Essie Opal
Fern  ?
Mathews ( ? --1995)
Mary Raechel( ?  -  ?)
Virginia(  ? -  ? )
          Fona Bell Mathews MOTHER: Mary ??
                                       FATHER:  Green Matthews
          George Elliot's  MOTHER: Caroline ??
                                 FATHER: John Elliot  (Half Charokee)

EVERETT HUGH Ferguson (5/28/1897----2/22/1969)
    Mother: Mary Scholoss -(FULL GERMAN)
    Father: Hugh Ferguson
             CHILDREN:  Alvin, Keire (sp), Anne, Clariance, George, Everett,
Roy,(roy was railroad worker drove Steam engines) Ethal