In response to Message #2 to list as of Thurs. Oct.29,1998 from Hugh and Sandy
Sellers, I would like to find out the source of information on the Family of
WilliamFerguson (1818-1882)(m) Dorinda Wright:
Thomas J. Ferguson
James L Ferguson
Nancy E. Ferguson
Margaret A. Ferguson
 John C. Ferguson 
Robert Elbert Ferguson 
Charles Edgar Ferguson

Hello Sandy,
Thank you for the reply. the reason I'm interested in the source of the
information is  that I want to find out more about John C. Ferguson 3771
(1846-Nov 15 1881). We are looking for a ____? Ferguson/ Fergerson that died
in 1881. I know I'm searching for straws but we might get lucky. 

Our John Edgar Fergerson was raised by his grandmother until abt. 10 yrs old
then by an uncle so I don't believe he knew much about his family. 

The story goes that John Edgar Fergerson was born 27 Aug. 1881 Indiana to
Catherine Jane Williams Fergerson (m) -----?Fergerson. About the time John
Edgar Fergerson was born his father was shot and killed in the line of duty as
a U. S. Marshal or Deputy in the Cherokee Strip. John was raised by his
grandmother (presumiably in Missouri) because John Edgar was taken from
Joplin, Missouri when abt. 1890 to live in Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Tx. He was
then raised by his mother's brother George Williams (b) 1863 in IN. (m) Ida
with children Ben Williams, Luther Williams, and E.P. Williams.

John C. Ferguson in your records did die that year. Is there any possibility
he might have married more than once? Is there any record of him having been a
parent? Do you know the circumstances of his death? Was there any record of
him being in law inforcement?  

Thank you again for your reply,
Hey Bill, I'm not related I'm looking for John EdgarFergerson/Ferguson's
father. Mother ("Kim" Catherine? Jane Williams) had John Edgar on 27 Aug 1881.
John's father (as the story goes) was killed in the Cherokee Strip/Outlet or
Indian Territory as a US Marshal. He was shot trying to make an arrest the
night John Edgar was born. John was told that he was born in Indiana. He was
raised by grandmother and mother's brother George Williams in Fannin Co., Tx.
There is a likelyhood that they lived in Mo.also. I like interesting stories
but would like documentation better this time.

I have a question about Message # 6 V 98 # 272. Message by Sandy of Mrs Raburn
H. Williams. In It Ferguson married Williams I' m looking for the father of
John Edgar Ferguson (b) 1881. His father ___Fergerson/Ferguson (m ) to
Williams_"Kim" Catherine Jane? Williams whose brother was George Williams. I
really need to hear from any one who know ofthe people or descendants of
George Williams children: Ben Williams, E.P. Williams, or Luther Williams. The
people and descendants were from In., Mo., and Tx.