Hello everyone.....

I am new to this list.....and I am desperately hoping someone can help me.  I
 am looking for information on my great grandmother.  Her name was
Ferguson born around 1881 (I believe in North
 Carolina or South Carolina).  Her father is said to have been John Ransom
She first married a man by the name of Jessie BAUCOM and they had the
 following children.  Thommy, Lester, Gusta and Braxton.  From what I have been
 told Jessie died young of appendicitis (around the age of 27).  Her second
 husband who was my great grandfather was Barnum Alexander GIBSON born around
 1878 in South Carolina or North Carolina.  His father is said to have been
 John Hogan GIBSON, Barnum had a brother by the name of Ben GIBSON married to a
 lady by the name of Cannie and they had four sons:  John, Ross, James and
 Paul. There were other siblings to Barnum but I am not sure of their names.
 I have found Barnum and "Eufer"(how she is listed) on the 1920 census of
 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina....listing Barnum as head of house hold at
 the age of 42, "Eufer" is listed at the age of 39.   They had the following
 children:  Mauda ( I am being told this is incorrect, that her name was
 Amanda) at the age of 12,  Dewitt at the age of 9, Thomas at the age of 8,
 Aaron (my grandfather) at the age of 4 2/12 (this is incorrect - he was born
 July 04, 1913, he would have been 6 almost 7) and Estella at the age of 2
 2/12.  They were living on Mint Hill Road.  Although, Uphersiene was a GIBSON
 when she died.....she was buried next to first husband Jessie BAUCOM.
 Uphersiene, Barnum and Jessie Baucom are all said to be buried in the same
 cemetary.  Mount Harmony Baptist Church Cemetary in the Mint Hill or Mathews
 area, North Carolina.
Family has stated that around the depression time frame that Barnum lost his
 farm in Mecklenburg County and he began share cropping with a man by the name
 of Frank Sustar (possibly in Union County, North Carolina).  They built a
 house and Barnum, Uphersiene and family  moved in with the Sustar family to
 help make it through these tough times.  They were somehow related to this
 Sustar family.  Since then I have found the name Sustar and all of its
 variations (Sustare, Sistar, Sistare, Sistaire, Sustaire) on the web.  And
 there are several
FergusonS mentioned marrying into this family.  There is
 also a GIBSON mentioned.  But the most amazing  part is that I found a Barnum
 Alexander SUSTARE.  The same exact name as my great grandfather (except of
 course the surnames)  and a name that IS NOT common.  It appears this name is
 being passed down from somewhere.  And possibly from our
Ferguson line
 somewhere, because this Barnum Alexander Sustare also married a
Ferguson (same
 as Barnum Alexander GIBSON) and her name was Sarah Amanda
Ferguson  Her
 father was stated as James
Well I know this is very long winded.....and several other names are mentioned
 here.  But I am trying to give as much information as I can since I don't know
 many facts about Uphersiene and Barnum.  Any help with this line would be
 GREATLY appreciated.  I am lost here.  Thank you so much in advance.