From: Charlotte Jeffers 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Andrew, Andrew, and John Ferguson
I'm looking for information on the following Fergusons from South 
   1.  John Ferguson, brought his family from County Antrim,   Ireland, 
to Charleston, SC and died in Laurens Co., SC in 1787. 
   2.  Andrew Ferguson Sr., son of John Ferguson(above) d. in Pickens 
Co., SC in 1843.  He was married to Sarah (?).   
   3.  Andrew Ferguson Jr., son of Andrew Ferguson Sr., b. May 25, 1807 
in either Laurens Co. or Pendleton District (from which Pickens Co. was 
later formed), South Carolina.  Said to have been half-Irish.  His 
wife Dorothy Cobb b. May 25, 1811 in Pendleton District, was the 
daughter of William and Sarah Cobb.  Both Andrew and Dorothy died in 
It would be very helpful to know when John Ferguson came to Charleston 
and his wife's name.  It would also be helpful to know Sarah Ferguson's 
maiden name.  I am also collecting information on any siblings/children 
of any of the aformentioned people.  Thanks.  Charlotte Williams Jeffers