My GGGGrandfather was Joseph R. Ferguson, I found them in the 1840 Tennessee Census in Shelbyville, Bedford County TN. This is the listing.  Ferguson Joseph R. (32) Margaret (30) Elizabeth (3) Benjamin W. (11) Samuel Sylvester (7) Margaret (5) Sarah (60) Sh-883-125 Va Va. I was told the Va Va means they moved there from Virginia.  I would very much like to know if Sarah is the mother of Joseph, and who his Father was.  Benjamin is my GGGrandfather and I've part of his Civil War records.  Someone in the family has ties to th O'neals in Arkansas, and to a Ferguson family in El Paso TX. Sure would like to know who?

Appreciate your help.
Richard "Richard L. Hyatt"

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Franklin County VA

Found this record of Franklin County Virginia Marrages.
Hope someone can recognise some of the folks, I'm still looking for
Joseph R and Margaret Ferguson, there is a couple of Jospeh Fergusons
here but not the right time frame, unless this one marrage Joseph
Ferguson to Sarah Hughes in 1801, could be the parents of Joseph R.? Who
Have a good day.
Hello Margie,
The fact that a Samuel Ferguson signed that pension paper is not
uncommon, I have pension papers from my GGrandmother(Nancy Pryor
Ferguson) for Benjamin W Ferguson, Union Army, Middle Tennessee Inf
1862-1865, they are also signed by a S.A. Ferguson, and on one other
occasion there is a letter signed by him as Samuel A Ferguson, the
signatures are, in my opinion, from the same person.  This pension was
filed from Marion Co. TN.  
My GGrandfather also had a brother named Samuel Sylvester Ferguson who
was also in the war, could be they all knew each other too!
Its a big puzzle, but interesting.
Have a good evening

Hi All!
I had a Uncle John Wesley Ferguson, lived in Northern Virginia, was a
war hero in the big one you know, WWII.
He still has a daughter living around the Front Royal area somewhere.
Have a good Holiday Season!

Thanks for the information Golden,
I've one question, how do I get the file on Joseph R Ferguson?
My GGrandfather was named Joseph R Ferguson, and I have been unable to
find his parents, this may be the one break I've searched for the last
three years.

Good Morning
What can you tell me about Joseph Riley Ferguson?  My GGGrandfather was
Joseph R Ferguson, I don't know what the R stands for.
For the 1850 census he and wife Margaret two sons and two daughters are
in Shelby County TN, they are not there in 1860.
I would be very much interested to know if Joseph Riley had an older
sister named Sarah, as there is an older woman age 60, in that household
in 1850.
Appreciate the help.

Good Morning, and Happy New Year.
I see you have a Joseph Ferguson listed, do you have any information you
can share on him?
I'm looking for a Joseph R Ferguson, from somewhere in VA.

Sandy, Good evening,
Just thought you might like to know, there is a ships passanger listing
on the internet, there was a person named Alexander Ferguson on the
Elizabeth and Anne from England with several other Jacobite rebel
Fergusons, arrived in 1617 in VA.  Aboard was Patrick Ferguson, who I
think is my ancestor, but cannot prove that at this time.
The only other Alexander Ferguson I found was on a ship arriving in
There was another Alexander Ferguson that bought up a lot of land in
Tennessee, in the early 1800s, Marion County TN to be exact.
I'll send the documents, if I can find where I filed them in this
Have a good evening
The Anne is the wrong file, that was another ancestor Thomas Morton Jr
from my Grandmothers side.

                      Passenger list, ship Anne, 1623


The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the Little
James, bringing new settlers along with many of the wives and children that
had been left behind in Leyden when the Mayflower departed in 1620.  This
ship passenger list is reconstructed from the 1623 Division of Land, the
passenger list compiled by Charles Banks in Planters of the Commonwealth,
and the research found in Eugene Aubrey Stratton's Plymouth Colony: Its
History and Its People, 1620-1691.  The author is a descendant of Anne
passengers Ellen Newton, Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, Abigail Warren, Mrs.
Barbara Standish, Mary Becket, and Francis Sprague.


   * Annable, Anthony
        o Jane (Momford) Annable, wife
        o Sarah Annable, daughter
        o Hannah Annable, daughter
   * Bangs, Edward
   * Bartlett, Robert
   * Becket, Mary
   * Brewster, Patience
        o Fear Brewster, sister
   * Clark, Thomas
   * Conant, Christopher
   * Cooke, Mrs. Hester (Mahieu)
        o Jane Cooke, daughter
        o Jacob Cooke, son
        o Hester Cooke, daughter
   * Dix, Anthony
   * Faunce, John
   * Flavel, Mrs. Elizabeth
   * Flood, Edmond
   * Fuller, Mrs. Bridget (Lee)
   * Godbertson, Godbert
        o Sarah (Allerton)(Vincent)(Priest) Godbertson, wife
        o Samuel Godbertson, son
        o Sarah Priest, step-daughter
        o Mary Priest, step-daughter
   * Hatherly, Timothy
   * Heard, William
   * Hicks, Mrs. Margaret
        o Samuel Hicks, son
        o Lydia Hicks, daughter
   * Hilton, Mrs. William
        o William Hilton, son
        o Mary Hilton, daughter
   * Holman, Edward
   * Kempton, Manasseh
   * Long, Robert
   * Mitchell, Experience
   * Morton, George
        o Juliana Morton, wife
        o Nathanial Morton, son
        o John Morton, son
        o Ephraim Morton, son
        o Patience Morton, daughter
        o Sarah Morton, daughter
   * Morton, Thomas Jr.
   * Newton, Ellen
   * Oldham, John
        o Mrs. Oldham, wife
        o Lucretia Oldham, sister
   * Palmer, Mrs. Frances
   * Penn, Christian
   * Pierce, Abraham
   * Pratt, Joshua
   * Rand, James
   * Rattliff, Robert
        o Mrs. Rattliff, wife
   * Snow, Nicholas
   * Southworth, Alice (Carpenter)
   * Sprague, Francis
        o Anna Sprague, wife
        o Mercy Sprague, daughter
   * Standish, Mrs. Barbara
   * Tilden, Thomas
        o (Ann?) Tilden, wife
        o child Tilden
   * Tracy, Stephen
   * Wallen, Ralph
        o Joyce Wallen, wife
   * Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth
        o Mary Warren, daughter
        o Elizabeth Warren, daughter
        o Ann Warren, daughter
        o Sarah Warren, daughter
        o Abigail Warren, daughter

The next reference to Alexander Ferguson, Deed book A, from Marion
County TN, 1820 Ferguson received an indentured deed from Charles
McClung, of Knox Co TN for one dollar, for a tract of land granted by
the state of NC Grant # 283 dated 20th of July 1775, the lans lies north

of the Tennessee river and west of the extreme height of Walden ridge.
Sept 27th 1820, Alexander Ferguson received and indentured deed from
Josiah Danforth of Blount Co, for $50.000 for a tract of land containing

20,000 acres, beginning at the Chicamgun Creek to Georgia line, crossed
the TN river to the foot of Cumberland Mountain, it follows the mt
across several creeks and ends up at the foot of Walden Mountain.
I hope this help, this Alexander Ferguson my have been a relative of my
Grandfather Ulpian Garfield Ferguson,  of Marion County TN.
Other Fergusons in the county at that time include, Milan M Ferguson and

Plesant Ferguson.
Sorry for the blunder last evening,

Good evening,
Your E-mail on disk # 5459, states Benjamin Frank Ferguson was married
to Nancy Pryor.  This is not correct the name was Benjamin W. Ferguson.
I've seen that before but since this was my GrGrand Parents I know the
correct names.
Just thought I better point this out.

Morning Sandy,
There is no Benjamin Frank Ferguson in this family, there is a Frank
Werner Ferguson who is the grandson of Benjamin w, and my uncle.
There was another Family in Marion County TN, that could have a Benajmin
Frank, but the spelling of the last name was something like Fargerson!
I'm still looking for the Grand Parents of Benjamin W, and parents of
Joseph R and Margaret Ferguson.