"From: ""Donna Hutchings""
Subject: [Ferguson] Ireland>Canada>US
"Joseph Ferguson and Jane Woods (Ary,Scotland) had children Co. Tyrone:"
Mary b.1876
Fanny b.1878
Margaret b.1880
Catherine b.1882
Joseph b.1885
Janet b.1887
Thomas b.1889
Elizabeth b.1890
Francis b.1893
"After their parents deaths in 1903 the siblings came to Canada, landing in Nova Scotia then on to Ontario. I feel that they must have had relatives already in Ontario to all come together at that time. Some went on to BC, but some stayed in Ontario. I have found a connection to the surname DOWNS."
Donna in VA

From: "Donna Hutchings"

I have the following books and would be willing to do a look up if you think that your ancestors were in the area for the years listed.

"Calendar of NJ Wills 1730-1760"

"Wills of Chester Co, PA 1713-1825" ** Don't have 1749-1765

Various books from Pittsylvanina, Virginia mid 1700-1800's

Donna Ferguson Hutchings

From: "Donna Hutchings"

I offered to do look ups, but maybe it would help if I gave a list of Fergusons in the indexes:

"Calendar of NJ Wills 1730-1760"
Ferguson: Alexander, Benjamin, Charles, Elizabeth, Hannah, Hugh, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Richard, Thomas

"Wills of Chester Co, PA 1713-1748"
Ferguson: Charles, Mary, William
FORGUSON: David, James

"Wills of Chester Co 1766-1778"
Ferguson: Mary
FORGUSON: Mary, William

"Wills of Chester Co 1778-1800"
Ferguson: Alexander, Andrew, Charles, Elizabeth, Jean, Mary, Matthew, Robert

"Wills of Chester Co 1801-1825"
Ferguson: Elizabeth, Hannah, Robert
FORGISON: Ann, James, Ruth

"Early Church Records of Delaware Co, PA..Vol. 2"

"Inhabitants of Cecil Co, Maryland 1649-1774"
Ferguson: William

"Early Anglican Church Records of Cecil Co, MD"
Ferguson: Ann, Benjamin, Mary

***I will list the Virginia Ferguson's on the next page.

From: "Donna Hutchings"

I will list my books from Virginia and offer look ups from them.

"Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800" **This is just an index- no further information
FARGASON: Sarah 1782 w. Mecklenburg Co.
George 1751 w. Northumberland Co.

FARGESON: Benj. 1760 i, Benj. 1761 i, Francis 1768 w., Samuel 1722 w.- Culpeper Co.
Jospeh 1717 w. Essex Co.

FARGESSON: James 1741 w. Goochland Co.

FARGUESON: Ann 1748 i Goochland Co.
Allen 1718 i Middlesex Co.

FARGUSON: Daniel 1780 i Albemarle Co.
Robt 1768 w; Robt.Jr 1768 w; James Jr 1771 i; Robert 1778 i- Amelia Co.
John 1786 w Bedford Co.
Daniel 17--i; Moses 1750 w; Martha 1774 w; Martha 1778 i; James 1784 w - Chesterfield Co.
William 1793 i Cumberland Co.
John 1717 w; Ann 1735 w; Danile 1748 w; John 1770 w - Essex Co.
John 1761 w Fairfax Co
Hugh 1787 i Halifax Co.
John 1734 w Henrico Co
Josiah 1750 i King George Co.
Joel 1788 w Lunenburg Co
John 1782 i Westmoreland Co.

FARGUSSON: John 1752 w Chesterfield Co
Titus 1778 w Essex Co

FERGERSON: John 1778 w Southampton Co.

FERGESON: Samuel 1795 w Cumberland Co.

FERGESSON: Robert 1682 w. York Co

Ferguson: David 1796 i Berkeley Co
John 1794 w. Culpeper Co
Joshua 1770 w Fairfax Co
Hugh 1745 a; Thomas 1747 a; Hugh 1750 i; Hugh 1782 i; - Frederick Co
Hugh 1789 a Halifax Co
Robert 1794 i; Francis 1782 w - Lancaster Co
Andrew 1792 w Montgomery Co
Robert 1798 w Pittsylvania Co
John 1782 i; Robert 1791 i; Southampton Co
John 1746 i; John 1751 i - Westmoreland Co
William 1737 w ; Patrick 1738 i ; Francis 1740 w - York Co.

FERGUSSON: James 1769 w; John 1778 w - Amelia Co
Bartlet 1784 w - Chesterfield Co.

FORGASON: Robert 1791 w - Hardy Co.
John 17007-8 w - York Co.

FORGERSON: John 1770 i - Essex Co

FORGESON: John 1790 w - Franklin Co
Francis 1782 i - Loudoun Co.

FURGERSON: Robert 1793 w - Richmond

FURGESON: Margaret 1785 w - Westmoreland Co.

Other VA Books tomorrow....Good Luck!