From: "Dorothy Humphrey"

Hi Sandy, I was given your address by someone who saw it on the web and told
me you were related to the Fergusons and I thought maybe you could tell
me where to write to try to find more about myFergusons. I am not too smart
on the computer except doing e-mail.

My grandmother was Ida Susan Ferguson b-12/5/1869 in Bedford Co, TN.
Her siblings were:
Mary Lou, Daniel C., Harriett Cassandra "Cassie", Virginia Porter "Vergie",
James Alexander "Jimmy", Fannie Belle, Henry Dean, Laura Gertrude "Gertie",
and John Clayton "Johnny" -
Their parents were - Dr. Henry Porter and Lucie Francie "Fannie" Parker
Ferguson. Henry Porter's first wife was America Hickerson and they did not
have any children.
Henry Porter Ferguson's parents were -
Rev. Humphrey Casey "Case" Ferguson and Harriett Cassandra Hord. A census
recorded for Henry P. stated his father was born in NC and I saw an old
Nashville newspaper that shows Case & Harriett marrying Oct. 20, 1826.
I found on a cemetery record that Case's parents were -
John (born in NC) & Margaret C. (born 1774 in VA) and they had 3 children -
Margaret P. (Peggy), Humphrey Case and James C. Ferguson.
I can not swear this is all of Ida Susan's lineage but I am stumped.
Does any of this sound familiar to you or can you tell me where I might look
for futher info. You would think with one of them being a minister and the
other a doctor there would be a trace of them but I have not found it yet.

Thank you for your time, Dorothy Humphrey