I am looking for information on Norman Fergusonborn 1770's in Scotland.  In
1806 he and his wife Katherine were living in Elbert County Ga.  I believe
they may have lived in Richmond Co. NC earlier.  Katherine may have been the
daughter of Angus McCurry Sr.  The family moved to Chambers Co. Al about 1836.
They had several children.  If you think you may connect to this line, please
contact me.

Subject: [FERGUSON-L] FergusonScotland to GA  Elbert Co. to AL -Cambers Co.

I am researching Norman Fergusonand Katherine (?)  Fergusonhis wife.  They
were both according to the census born in mid 1770's  in Scotland.  I cannot
find when they came to America but in 1806 they were in Elbert County Ga.
They Moved across Ga. in 1830 they lived in Monroe County Ga.  about 1835 or
so they moved to Chambers County AL. and were there on the Census.  According
to 1830 census they had 13 children.  7 boys and 6 girls.  Or this could have
been a married son and family living with them.  I have identified 10 children
from their wills and estate papers.   Here is what I know.  Hope that I
connect with someone.

Children of Norman and KatherineFerguson 

1.  William Angus Fergsuon born about 1810 married second Orey Boyd Taylor in
1850.  Their only child died at age 4 I believe.  She had children by a first
marriage and he may have.

2.  Melisa Fergusonborn 1826  married Merida Willson.  They had several
children inclucing Norman Thomas Wilson my direct ancestor.

3.  Margaret "Peggy" Fergusonborn about 1806 married Jesse C. Childers in

4.  Mary Fergusonspose unknown date of birth unknown.

5.  Donald Fergusonborn about 1803 married Jane?  - children Andrew, James,
Mary, John, Sarah, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Josephine.

6.  Nancy Fergusonborn 1807 married a Mr. Nance.  Sarah, Isham. James Henry

7.  Flora Fergusonmarried Robert Parker

8.  Sarah Fergusonborn about 1830 married Elbert D. Watson  in Chambers Co.
they had  Martha, Mary, Frederick, and Green.

9.  Rachel Fergusonmarried a Mr. Smith, who was a Sherrif in Chambers Co,
then a Mr. Cherry.

10.  AlexanderFerguson

There are probably 3 more son I can't find the names of.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I had a message from another researcher about this Mary.  I don't think she is mine.  There were severalFergusons in Walker county.  She married in Jefferson County.  I went to Library and tried to find out something.  My best guess is they came into Birmingham to get married.  There was only one Fergusonon 1840 census in Jefferson County.   L.R.Ferguson.  I think that was a widow.  She did have a daughter the right age to marry in 1842,  Daniel Winchester was on the Census in 1830 in Walker Co.with his mother.  He was listed as under thirty and she under 60.  I think think that was him.  In 1840 the only Winchester on census in Alabama at all is Willoby Winchester in Walker County.  That is weird.   Teresa
I am asuming that she is his mother.  He is listed as head of household. Age between 20 and 30.   A female is listed age over 50  and under 60.  No name is listed since she is not listed as head of household.  Those are the only two people listed in the household.  That's all I know.  I will try to find out more.