Subject: FergusonS IN JEFFERSON CO. OHIO


Just found your Ferguson home page and thought it was really nice.  What I am
writing about is to ask you how does one go about adding a Ferguson QUERY or
lineage to this site?  What I have so far on my Ferguson line begins in
Jefferson County, Ohio. I belong to the Ferguson mailing list but so far I
haven't made any connections with anyone that is researching the Ferguson name
from that area.

Thank you.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Jadean Hopper

Thanks for responding so quickly.  I resubmit my Ferguson line plus any
"laterals" and see what happens.  As for the GEDCOM I think I will pass on
that.  I am not very familiar with those besides I have almost 10,000 names in
my data base what a challenge that would be to edit names that don't belong to
the FergusonS.

I will post to the list again and see what happens.  Thanks again for the

Jadean Hopper