Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 06:08:08 -0600
From: Allan Holley 

My great grandmother was Martha Ann Ferguson.  I don't know if we have
the same one or not, but it would be interesting if this is so.  I will
attach a small part of a family write up that I have, and if this is
your Martha, I would be glad to furnish what I have.

Third recorded marriage to:
Martha Ann Ferguson: Born 1852 in AR.  Parents:  Edman Ferguson & Hettie
James Holley and Martha Ferguson divorced on 8 November 1886.  Filed in
Newton County, MO divorce records.
Children of James Henry Holley and Martha Ann Ferguson are:
Edman (Ed) McGurrius Holley: Born 1868 in Granby, MO.
Millington (Milt or Mitt) Allen Holley: Born 7 March 1870 in Granby, MO.

James Woodward (Gabbie) Holley: Born 1 January 1872 in Granby, MO.
Laura Holley: Born 1 January 1874 in Granby, MO.
Effie Amaritha Holley: Born 5 February 1879 in Granby, MO.
Thomas Walter Holley: Born 26 January 1881 in Granby, MO.
Charles Kelley Holley: Born 25 December 1882 in Granby, MO.
Verginnie (Jennie or Virgie) Maltha Holley: Born 29 September 1883 in
Granby, MO.