Subject: [Ferguson-L] Mary Ferguson
     I am new to the list.  I am looking for Mary Ferguson, who married
Jonathan Mickey on March 4, 1841.  She died on May 1,1872 in Ainsworth, Ia.
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Mary Ferguson
I found information on my Mary Ferguson.  
     (All of the following information comes from Arthur Mickey in
Texas.  The next time I am Rowlett, I will locate my mother's handwritten
notes to see if anything is left out.)
     Wm Ferguson (no dates) m. Jane Wilson (no dates)
     Child of Wm and Jane (There may be others)
          John Ferguson b abt 1807 in Pa. m. Asenath Maxwell b. abt. 1809 d. 
           Child of John and Asenath
                Isaac Ferguson no dates no wife's name (There may be others)
                Child of Isaac Ferguson (There may be others)
                      Mary Ferguson m. John Mickey (John was born in Pa in
                       m. 1850, d. May 1, 1872
                      Children of Mary and John Mickey
                           Emma Mickey b, Jan 23, 1850 in Richland Ohio, m.Sep
14, 1871 
                             in Ainsworth, Iowa to Stephen Sumner Hutchinson.
(Emma is 
                             my Father's grandmother.)
                            Mary Mickey - no information available
                            Unknown Female Mickey - on information available
                            Unknown Male Mickey -      
     I am hoping that this information will link to someone elses.
Austin, TX

Subject: Re: Ferguson-D Digest V98 #310
     Thanks for your offer to look up folks who imigrated to the US.  I am
looking for :
     JAMES CULLEN HUTCHINSON, who was reported in newspaper articles as being
from Antrim, Ireland. He was born on Novermber 3, 1790.  And came to the new
unsure where he landed in the US.  Possibly in Canada or on the East Coast of
the US.
     I also have som VAN HOUTEN and VAN NES family member I am looking for as
well as MARY Ferguson, who died on May 1, 1872.  
     I would really appreciate any information you have.
     Also in Austin, TX, 2402 Broken Oak on the South side.
     (maybe we are neighbors!)

Subject: Re: Ferguson-D Digest V98 #310

<< Bettye...Will do a search for James Cullen Hutchinson, Mary Ferguson..
Thanks so much for the information on James Hutchinson.  There were about 3
entries that look like real good possibilities. I forwarded a copy to my Dad.
He will very pleased.  My Dad will be 81 tomarrow.  My mother, who died in
1981 did the original research on the family.  Dad put all the Hutchinson
family into a notebook form for everyone in the family.  I have played with it
every once in a while when I have been on the web.  I gave the information I
had on the other side of the family to my cousin and her husband.  He is going
to use the web to follow thru.
<<do you a little more information re VanHouton and VanNes?
     James Hutchinson was married to Sarah Delamarter.  Her materal side of
the family is the VAN HOUTEN & VAN NES families.  
    CLAERTJE VAN HOUTEN, born in Patterson, New Jersey, was her mother.
       GERRIT VAN HOUTEN  - her father.  Born abt. 1724.  Birth place unknown.
          PIETER VAN HOUTEN - his father.  Born on Jan 23, 1680, place
             HELMIGH VAN HOUTEN - his father. Born Jan 25 1648, place unknown.
             JANNETJE MERSELISE - his mother Birth? Where?
                RAELOF CORNELLISSEN - Helmigh's father.  Born 6-25-1628 in
                GERRITJE VAN NES - his Mother.  Birth date?  Where?
                   CORNELIUS NAN NES -her father. Birth date 7-31-1625
                      HENDRICH G. VAN NES - His father, Birth date? Holland  
                         GERRIT VAN NES - His father, Birth Abt 1540,
(Of course, the last 2 won't be on any immigration records.)
    I have one other who could be on immigration records and that is:
    PETER PIPER, born abt. 1770 in Holland.  His Daughter was born in the US
in 1796.
    It also just occurred to me from looking at the other records that Mary
Ferguson may have come over with her father, if so she wouldn't be listed.
And I don't know who her father was.  Her husband, on the other hand, was born
in the US.
    Thanks again for your efforts!