From: Tracie Gross 

There was someone on the Ferguson list a while back asking about Ferguson 
and Cherokee blood and how to research that.  I don't have that message 
anymore but I found this email on my Gunther list and thought it might be 
helpful to send it to the Ferguson list.  Hope you are still on this 
mailing list.  Sincerely Tracie Tudor Gross

There were 36 Gunter's listed in Starr's genealogy of old Cherokee

The index to his book, the 1835 Cherokee Census, a 'how-to' tutorial that
shows how to conduct Cherokee genealogy research, as well as the indexes
for a number of other very rare books, and other Cherokee genealogy
resources, can be found at:

Once at the site, go to BOOKLISTS and then scroll down to the Cherokee
genealogy portion.  A number of indexes can be invoked from there.



I think this is a great idea.  One of my lines is Lochridge.  When I wrote 
to their group to see if anyone was interested in my names they had already 
done the research for me.  They sent me all the information and that is the 
Historian's job.  So I do research on other lines that they don't have. 
 They may start in North Carolina and try to find all the Lochridges they 
can to include alternate spellings.  They also try to follow families both 
forward and back.  So that really helps.  I think this is similar to what 
you are doing with the Ferguson name and I think that is great.  What can 
or how can I add my stuff?  I don't have it ready yet to add.  I have to 
make sure I have some primary sources come in.  I don't want to add stuff I 
cannot prove.  When it is ready though do I just go to the web page or do I 
email it FTM or GEDCOM, or what? Sincerely Tracie Gross