From: "Lorraine Ferguson-Goss" 
Hi Debi,
I am a member of the DAR in Vermont. You can write to the NSDAR (National
Society, Daughters of the American Revolution) at 1776D Street, NW,
Washington, DC  20006, and ask for another member's papers on your ancestor.
If you include the complete line of information in the Patriot Index that
makes it easier for them to track down.  The last time I needed to do this
the fee was $10.00, but that may have changed... Be sure to ask for the
papers AND the PROOF of lineage.

To apply, you complete the Application for Membership, which your local
chapter can help you complete. The DAR does have a website, so they should
be able to give you a name and telephone number from there... some of their
chapters are listed, but not all...

If I can help further, please email me.

Lorraine Ferguson-Goss

Debi -- has a printable "interest" form you can submit directly
from the website...

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Hezekiah/Druscilla Ferguson

Michelle Knoll,

I've misplaced your email so am posting here. Today I searched the microfilm
Vital Records for the entire state of Vermont from 1760-1870 for your
Hezekiah and/or Druscilla and came up with one big zero. Either no
birth-marriage-death action took place here, or they were not recorded.

Lorraine Ferguson-Goss