I an new to the list, but I read your recent e-mail with interest.

I have in my line a Dan Charles Ferguson, b. 15 Oct 1859, d. 18 Sep 1907 in
Whitwell, TN.  The cause of his death was that a tree fell on him.  He married
some time after 1870, Sara Lou NELSON, b. 6 Jun 1850, d. 11 Jan 1916, in
McIntosh County, OK., buried in Raiford, OK.
He adopted her son, Charles Woodrow Ferguson, b. 28 Feb 1870 , d. 21 Mar 1939,
Muskogee, OK, buried in Whitwell, TN.  He married 3 Jul 1890, Sarah Elizabeth
KILGORE, b. 8 Dec 1872, d. 26 May 1906 and is buried in Whitwell, TN.

Can you tell me about some web sites or places to get Ferguson information.  I
am at a loss going any further back.
Do any of the Fergusons have websites available?


Gary Goodner
Oklahoma City

I have a Dan Charles Ferguson, b. 1859 (TN or VA) who married Sara Lou Nelson. Sara Lou NELSON had a child from a previous "encounter" that took the surname Ferguson.  His name was Charles Woodrow Ferguson, b. 28 Feb 1870, TN. Both Dan Charles and Charles are buried in Whitwell, TN where they lived for most of their lives. Dan Charles was working in timber, when a tree fell on him and killed him in 1907 in TN. His "son" Charles, died in Oklahoma, but was sent back to Whitwell, TN for burial. I am looking for a connection and the ancestors of Dan Charles Ferguson.   Perhaps he had brothers in Whitwell, TN around the time of his birth, 1859. If you have a husband or wife, but can't identify the given name of a child, perhaps he could be a possibility. I would like to hear from people with Ferguson roots in the Whitwell, Jasper, Sequatchie, Victoria, and generally Marion County area. Gary Goodner For more information on the Ferguson Family,   <A HREF="http://www.uftree.com/UFT/WebPages/sarahkilgore/KILGORE2/index.htm"> Kilgore - An American Journey</A>