I'm Gloria (Ferguson) Goltiani
My grandfather was Thomas William Ferguson 1869-1958. He was born in Croydon, Surrey, England and left home at a very early age, worked on ships for many years before coming to American to work on the railroad sometime around the turn of the century. In 1915 he moved to Canada. He was the son of John and Helen (McCarty) Ferguson and claimed to be Scottish. I can find no information on this John Ferguson.

My John Ferguson was married in the UK.

I'm Gloria (Ferguson) Goltiani...
Croydon, SurreyEng>MT>WA>BC, Canada
My Thomas William was born 20 October 1869 to John and Helen (McCarty) Ferguson in Croydon, Surrey, England.
First wife unknown...only know he stated on his marriage license application in 1903 that he'd been previously married. 1903 he married Julia Anna Hekenschweiler (from Alsace-Lorraine) in White Sulphur Springs MT. From there they went to Spokane WA for a few years before spending the remainder of their lives in Canada (Alberta and British Columbia).
Have been unable to locate parents or siblings.

My Grandfather was THOMAS WILLIAM FERGUSON, born 20 October 1869 Croydon, Surrey, England to parents JOHN FERGUSON and HELEN McCARTY. He emigrated to America ca 1893. My grandpa claimed to be a Londoner of Scottish ancestry. Just from things I remember hearing years ago, I believe he had a sister and that they lived somewhere apart from their parents but I don't know why. For years I've searched but can't find anything concrete before his marriage certificate when he married JuliaAnna HECKENSCHWEILER in Montana in 1903. It shows he was married previously but never divorced so I'm assuming his first wife died.
I was born a Ferguson and this is the one line I'd like to pursue but it's one of my most illusive lines. Can't find anything on the McCartys either.