Kristi Gebhart
Hi All,
  I'm relatively new to the list and just got my web page re-loaded after an
absence of a few months. My direct ancestor Fergusons are:

Myrtle Ferguson (1878-1960) m. Isaac COX (my ggrandmother)
Francis Marion Ferguson (1839-1932) m. Mary Frances WEEKS
Elijah Ferguson (1806-1864) m. Lucinda SUTTON
Aaron Ferguson (1778-1847) m. Keziah PRICE

Aaron was born in either Kentucky or Scotland and Myrtle died in South Dakota.
In between they and their descendants were mostly in KY, OH, IN, IA, SD, and
NB.  Thanks to some relatives who've been researching for years, we have LOTS
of info on the descendants of Elijah.  Hoping maybe someone here could help us
out with the ancestors of Aaron.  Please have a look at our web page.  We have
over 150 Fergusons, some with alternate spellings like FARGUSSON and FURGUSON.
Check back occassionally, I'm still in heavy data entry mode right now.

Thanks, Kristi

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> Disc 1 #480 Report                    
>  Aaron Ferguson       Est.1767-1796   Est.1821-1881           Keziah
>  Mary Ferguson        Nov. 27, 1818   Feb. 28, 1888           Kent, James Marshall
   Aaron and Keziah Price are in Kristi's lineage