Does anyone out there researching the Ferguson Clan have any information
regarding PERCY DAVID Ferguson, born in Scotland, migrated to US, probably
through Canada (from London, England) to Nutley, NJ with two sons, DAL &
GEOFFREY DOUGLAS.  He was born around 1880-85 & died in Nutley around 1955 @
the age of 75.
      Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated

      I fully agree with your observations and I know that people work for
years and perhaps decades attempting to complete their respective family
trees. I'm only trying to find the most likely sources that can and perhaps
will benefit me in my search. So far I haven't seen any indications of persons
working on Ferguson settlers in NJ. This is why I am trying to find the best
way to expand my search by perhaps contacting a different group of researching
people.  I really don't know how to do that.  Hence my earlier e-mail to I sincerely thank you for your response to that e-
mail.  The provider "rootsweb" has not. Stay in touch!

    Thank you for responding to my e-mail, and this is very sincere. My
grandfather, Percy David Ferguson and I were as close as Fergusons are.  We
are an independent clan, but sensitive to each others needs with a lot of
Ferguson love for each other, so he told me many times and I believed what he
taught me. I may have started on this journey to find my past too late in
life, but I am trying to do it for my sons to instill in them a sense of
loyalty to the Ferguson Clan and what I believe it stands for.  I have a six
foot banner of the Ferguson Crest in my home which I made so my sons can
become as proud of their heritage as I am. Having said that, I was born in
1929 and am not in as good a health as I would like.  Obviously my time for
research is somewhat limited.  I don't want anyone to do my work for me (a
typical Ferguson attitude, I think) but I really don't have time to start from
ground zero, if someone else has done some previous research I can use.  Are
you beginning to understand my desperation to get on with the project.  My
sons can continue but I feel the need to begin the journey in a meaningful
way. What do you think? Can any of you give me a jump start?  Are we a clan
that really does help each other as my grandfather said or am I living in
fantasy land?  I can accept either, just let me know> 

Looking for information concerning:
Ferguson, PERCY DAVID: 1880-1955 Approx.
Scotland>London,England >US-New Jersey (Possibly via Canada).
Two sons: Geoffrey Douglas  and Dal
 Does anyone have information concerning the above individuals or of the
Ferguson Clan in London, England around the 1900s

Please advise and thanks in advance for your help.