In response to your request:  I am Jim Fry (my mother was a Ferguson), live

Powell, TN (right out of Knoxville); my area of research is Virginia before
1810 and Tennessee after 1810.


I am Jim Fry, partner in crime with Lanier Ferguson, my first cousin, in our
effort to find our Ferguson roots. He asked me to answer the questions you
had in a recent message to him.
Our Joel Farguson was first documented (as far as we know) on the personal
property tax list in Buckingham County, Virginia in 1773. He continued to
be listed on these lists until 1809 after which he is not listed. He is on the
real property tax lists from 1796 through 1812 after which he is not listed.
In 1789 there were two tithes in Joel's household indicating that he had a
son at least 16 years old. In 1798 there are three tithes and the names of
two sons are listed. The entry reads, "Farguson, Joel and sons, Lewis and
Joel." In 1804 and 1805 Joel and Jurdin are listed, indented, right under
Joel in such a way that indicates that they were sons. I speculate that
Jurdin was a misspelling of Jordan. In 1810 Jurdin Fergeson is listed in
the census in Washington County, VA with his wife, Judith and three children.
In the 1820 census, same county, he is listed as Jordan Furgeson. I can't
prove that this Jurdin was a son of Joel of Buckingham County but I would
bet on it.
Joel Farguson resided on Wolf Creek in Buckingham County in a part of the
county that became part of Appomattox County in 1845
Joel Farguson appears on tax lists in Rutherford County, TN beginning in
and he, Lewis and Joel, Jr. are mentioned in various county court records
prior to 1820. Our 2g grandfather, Thomas Ferguson, is listed in various
records beginning in 1815.
We do not know if Thomas was a son of Joel or a grandson, son of Lewis or
Joel, Jr.
Thomas and Joel owned land together the sale of which is recorded in county
court records. Thomas went to West Tennessee in 1824 to Haywood County
(this is recorded in Goodspeed's History of Tennessee.) Joel went with him and
died in Haywood County in 1828. Thomas was appointed administrator of
Joel's estate.
Douglas Ferguson is listed along with Joel, Joel, Jr., Lewis and other
Fergusons in Rutherford County records. They are also together in Dyer
County after 1830.
Lanier and I have established to our satisfaction that there was a blood
relationship between Douglas and our Thomas but we haven't determined just
what the relationship was.
I hope this has answered at least some of your questions. Keep in touch.

Jim Fry