From: Janice A. Frank
Subject: [Ferguson] Rollcall: Frances K. Ferguson of Virginia and Ohio
<x-flowed>My 3rd ggm was Frances Kendall Ferguson. She was probably born about 1788
in Virginia, though some sources say Ohio. She married John Chandler
AYRES, also born in Virginia (don't know where), and they were in Belmont
Co Ohio by 1820, probably a little earlier. They spent most of their
lives there but at the end of them moved to Iowa where some of their
children had gone.
She named one of her daughters Frances Kendall AYRES, so I suspect the
Kendall was important, like maybe it was her mother's maiden name, but I
don't know. Needless to say I am trying to find out who her parents were.
TIA for any info,hints, suggestions.