From: Sue Ferusson
Subject: Furgason
"My name is Aneisha Furgason and I am 16 years old, and"
for as long as I have rembered I have been looking for
"the history of my name, but I have come up short. Do"
you belive that Ferguson and Furgason are related or
some way the same. Also can you see if you have any
information on Ambrose Furgason my great grand father?
Thank you
From: Sue Ferusson <
"Thank you for the information and to your question, my"
grand father Paul Furgason is 87 and he is the son of
"Ambrose Furgason, I for got to mention that Ambrose"
"also had 2 brothers by the name of George and Robert,"
and to tell you the truth I have no idea when he was
born and sence my grand father's ming is not the was
it was before he dose not know when his fathers birth
day was.
Thank you