I'm looking for ancestors or relatives of my g-g-g grandfather, David,
who was born in Washington County, NY in 1799 and moved to Centerville
(North Syracuse) in Onondaga County, NY with my g-g granfather Samuel
Fergerson about 1826.  David was the second child of a family of nine.
Most of the family settled in West Hebron, NY, possibly on Ferguson
Road.  Family letters mention that a John W., David, Jim, and John (b.
1822) all lived on the same road.

David's son, John (b. 1822) moved to North Syracuse in between 1855 and
1862.  Letters between John and Samuel refer to an uncle JohnFergerson
who died in Washington Co in January 1853.  The family name changes to
Fergerson on David's tombstone.

Descendants of David Ferguson

Generation No. 1
1. DAVID Ferguson (?1) was born February 12, 1799 in Jackson, Washington
County, NY, and died October 25, 1836 in Onondaga County, NY. He married (1)

Children of DAVID Ferguson and ROXY SMITH are:
i. SARAH Ferguson.
ii. ELLIS Ferguson.
iii. DAVID Ferguson.
iv. SUSAN Ferguson.
2. v. SAMUELFergerson, b. August 09, 1820, Washington County, NY; d.
January 13, 1906, Onondaga County, NY.
3. vi. JOHN Ferguson, b. Abt. 1822, Washington County, NY; d. May 12, 1915,
North Syracuse.  (possibly son of Mary Ann Wilson who is buried in W.

Generation No. 2
2. SAMUELFergerson (DAVID2 Ferguson, ?1) was born August 09, 1820 in
Washington County, NY, and died January 13, 1906 in Onondaga County, NY. He
married NANCY SLOSSON August 02, 1846 in Cicero, NY, daughter of JOHN
SLOSSON and ?.

Children of SAMUELFergerson and NANCY SLOSSON are:
i. MARY AMELIAFergerson, b. September 26, 1847; d. April 13, 1852, North
ii. JOSEPHINEFergerson, b. November 05, 1849; d. November 30, 1849, North
iii. ALFRED D.Fergerson, b. August 14, 1853; d. August 20, 1854, North
iv. CHARLES R.Fergerson, b. July 05, 1856, Clay, NY; d. November 12,
1912, North Syracuse, NY.
v. INFANTFergerson, b. July 15, 1864; d. July 15, 1865, North Syracuse.

3. JOHN Ferguson (DAVID2, ?1) was born Abt. 1822 in Washington County, NY,
and died May 12, 1915 in North Syracuse. He married SARAH W. February 10,
1851 in West Hebron, NY.

Child of JOHN Ferguson and SARAH W. is:
i. THEODORE4 Ferguson, b. 1852.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

James C.Fergerson

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