From: "RAYMOND A Ferguson" 

Aloha Cadet,

I'm sorry for the damage and inconvenience you experienced with GEORGE.  I
know what you are going through.  I was on Guam in 1975 when PAMELA struck.
Winds gusting over 200mph!  Glad you weren't hurt!
    My line is from Isaac H.'s brother Joseph and Jane GRAGG.  Haven't been
able to prove who her father and mother were yet.  Likewise am unable to
prove that Joseph's father was from John son of Nimrod or brother of Nimrod.
Family legend has it that Joseph's father was a McFergus or a Fergus who
settled in TN then changed his name to Ferguson when he got into some
trouble.  I doubt this story, but it makes good telling.
    Take care, keep in touch.
Ray Ferguson from Kaneohe, HI.  
-----Original Message-----

>Sorry to all of the Ferguson's on the list that I received email from and
>not answered.  But I was in the middle of GEORGES here in Gulfport, Ms. and
>was without power for a week, plus cleaning up lots of trees and trying to
>insurance adjusters to come see the damage so I can have repairs made.
>has been a headache, to say the least)  Any way would the ones researching
>Isaac H. Ferguson's line, from John Ferguson, please contact me again.  I
>data from my computer during the storm.
>Also please contact me as your mail keeps getting returned.