From: Mary Lou Ferguson
Subject: Re: [Ferguson] SOUND OFF
Samuel Ferguson m. Margaret Hall (late 1700s probably Ireland) and had
children James, Samuel, John, Mary, and Margaret.
Son John emigrated to PA and spent his life there (1800-1850) (no info on
Son James m. Margaret Huss (about 1800 Ireland). They had 10 children with 8
reaching maturity: Margaret, Martha, Jane, Isabella, Samuel, Thomas who all
probably stayed in Ireland, and twins George and James b. 1819 who emigrated to
the U. S. 1847, living for a short time in NY, PA, and Ontario.
Twin James settled in Hamilton, Ontario and was still living there in 1885
(no info on family).
Twin George m. Ann Hall in 1844 in Ireland, settled in Henry Co., IL and had
9 children with 7 reaching adulthood: John Jay b. 1848 in Ontario; James b.
1851 in PA; Esther b. 1853 PA; Margaret b. 1856 IL; Martha b. 1858 IL; George
b. 1861 IL; and Mary b. 1865 IL.
George's children:
Son John Jay m. Martha Wilke, settled in Hallock, MN and had children Belle
(Sylvester), May (Demars), Arthur, George (all in MN), and James who went to
Winnepeg, Canada. John Jay died 1907.
Son James m. Hattie Totman, settled in Grandin, ND, was in grain business,
and had children Lela (Anderson) and Otto. James died 1936.
Daughter Esther m. Walter Jenkins, lived in Ridgeway, MO and in Red Oak, IA
and had at least one child Maggie.
Daughter Margaret m. James Henderson Hunter, stayed in Henry Co., IL and had
3 children. Margaret died 1943.
Daughter Martha m. George Doty, stayed in Henry Co., IL and had children Anna
and George, then m. Jacob Rogers. Martha died 1930.
Son George m. Madora Ardell McCulloh, stayed in Henry Co., IL and had sons
Merton and Ray. George died 1914.
Daughter Mary m. Elbert King, stayed in Henry Co., IL and had son Elbert.
Mary died 1933.

Subject: [Ferguson] Roll Call
I'm looking for a connection to John Ferguson who was born in Ireland circa
"1770 to Samuel Ferguson and Margaret Hall. He had siblings in Ireland,"
"Samuel, James, Mary, Margaret, and one who died young. He was the only one"
in his generation who came to America (don't know exactly when) and lived and
died in or near Philadelphia. In the 1840s his nephews George and James who
were born 1819 Co. Monaghan and were twin sons of John's brother James came
to Ontario. Twin James lived near Hamilton all his life. Twin George moved
"through NY, PA, and into IL."
"I have no other info on this John, but perhaps someone may may a quantum leap"
"based on birth, place, and time."
"Thanks, Mary Lou Ferguson"

Subject: Re: [Ferguson] The dreaded John problem
Two John Fergusons:
"John Wesley Ferguson, b. 25 Aug 1840 in Licking Co., OH to Benjamin Pendleton Ferguson and Edna Amiss Ferguson, m. Susie Farmer in 1860."
"John J. Ferguson, b. about 1848 in Toronto, CAN to George Ferguson and Ann Hall Ferguson. As a child, he moved with parents and siblings to PA for short time, then to Henry Co., IL where he married Martha Wilke. In 1882 he moved to MN where he died in 1907. He had children Belle (Sylvester), May (Demars), Arthur, George, and James."
Mary Lou Ferguson

Subject: Re: Fw: [Ferguson] John Ferguson (UE)
"I've been reading these various posts, and I don't know if any of these are"
my Fergusons. Can anyone make a potential connection?
My line comes from Samuel who was born in Ireland about 1780. Samuel's
"children were John, who emigrated to the U. S. and spent most of his life in"
"Pennsylvania (perhaps in Canada earlier) , and James, Samuel, Mary, and"
"Margaret who stayed in Ireland. James had twins George and James, born in"
Co. Monaghan in 1819 who emigrated to Canada around Hamilton (east point of
Lake Ontario). From there the lines moved to Pennsylvania and to North
"Dakota, then into Illinois and Minnesota."
"James, one of the twins, stayed in Canada, but I have no information on him"
"except that he died in Hamilton, Ontario sometime after 1885."
"George, the other twin, had a son John J. b. 1848, who spent his life in"
"North Dakota. John J.'s son James lived in Winnepeg, Manitoba."
"George had several other children, all born in the 1850s and 1860s: James"
"m.Hattie Totman, Esther m. Walter Jenkins, Margaret m. James Henderson"
"HUNTER, Martha m. John Doty, George m. Ardell McCulloh, and Mary m. Elbert"
"Somewhere in my notes I feel certain that I have someone in Kingston, but I"
can't find a way to search for place names in my PAF program.
Mary Lou

The next to the last John on the long list ***** John Ferguson, who
emigrated to the U. S. and spent most of his life in Pennsylvania (perhaps in Canada
earlier) **** was the son of Samuel Ferguson and Margaret Hall who were
probably married in Ireland in the late 1700s. His siblings were Samuel, Mary,
Margaret, and James. John may have been the only one of his generation to go to
the U.S.