From: Jason Ferguson 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Thomas Ferguson, Scranton, PA

Im trying to track my g-g-grandfather down, and having a miserable time.
My g-grandfather was Thomas Ferguson, who was (accord to my grandfather's
birth cert) was born approx 1885.

Now, family history states that my g-g-grandfather's name was Peter, and
was killed in a mining explosion in 1899 by hammering a spike into some
dynamite. He married a Martha (No Surname). He also supposedly had the
nickname "P.T."

However, I'm starting to doubt this.  Through my local FHC, I have found
the following:

- 1889 Scranton City Directory: A Martha was listed at 520 N. Bromley Av,
as a widow of Thomas. An earlier city directory lists Thomas as a miner.
So far, so good (for guesswork, anyhow).

- 1886 Birth Certificate: The same Thomas Ferguson as above, had a male
son on 21 Feb 1886. The name of the mother is, however, listed as
"Connors". Perhaps this means her maiden name was Martha Connors. I dont
have that evidence though.

I would really LOVE to know if this sounds familiar to anyone out there.
Or, to translate into something similar: HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!