Paul:  I am not really searching because I have hit a brick wall.  I
descended from Moses Ferguson of SC who was born in about 1750 and
Elizabeth Lively.  We know a lot about his descendants, but almost
nothing about him or his wife.  I am an offshoot of the La family that came to
Texas in about 1853.  Bob Ferguson at Univ. of Ark. is a descandant of
the same line.  Thanks for the work that you are doing.  Homer Ferguson,
4236 Old Ahsahka Grade, Ahsahka, ID 83520.

Sandi:  Thanks very much for your note on James P. Ferguson.  I saw his
name among civil war persioners as James P. and thought the P might stand
for Peake which was a common middle name in my family because of an
ancestor of that last name.  As I recall, James Parson sisted his home as
Ferguson, Texas.  Is it now or has it ever been a town.  Homer Ferguson

From: Sandi Smith
>Ok Ive gotten mine taken care of I hope.  And I thought I would put
>this up in case anyone else needed to know how to go about getting a
>headstone for their soldier.
>I called the U.S. Department of Veterans Affaires National Cemetery
>Administration at 1-800-697-6947 in Washington, D.C.  They will mail
>you a application.  After filling it out and sending it in.  They told
>me to call back after about 6 to 8 weeks to check on the status of it.
>They also have a website at  I hope this helps some
>one else.
>I also found out that you can write to the same place (the address is
>810 Vermont Ave; N.W.  Washington, D.C.) and request a Presidential
>Memorial Certificate that is a engraved certificate honoring the
>soldier.  And is signed by President Clinton.
>I thought someone else might like one for them self too.

Three of my family that I know of are buried in Guadalupe Co., Tx and were
civil war veterans(Texas 4th Cavalry).  I was thinking about havein markers
made for their graves, but if I have to have Clinton's signature on it, no
thanks.  I wouln't do that to my ancestors.  Homer Ferguson

Two of them, William Alfonse and Austin O. are buried in the Belmont
Cemetery and Daniel W. is buried in the San Geronimo Cemetery.  Homer

What do you know about James Ferguson's siblings in SC or his parents?  My
ancestor, Moses Ferguson, is supposed to have traded a slave for a horse,
with a James Ferguson.  They may have been related, but we have no other
knowledge of James in our lore.  Can you add to this?  The time and place
are pretty close.  Homer Ferguson