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      My line of Ferguson's immigrated from Dumfries, Scotland via
      New Orleanes, La. to St. Louis, Mo.> Miller County, Mo. in
      1852. My G-Grandfather was John Hunter Ferguson b.Dec. 25,
      1838. Married Dorcas C. Shelton 1862. This line numbers in
      the hundreds, and I would like to hear from every one of
      them. Harold Edward Ferguson b. Jul.12,1928.

From: Harold Ferguson 
Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson- 1838-1941

>Terri;  John Hunter Ferguson b. Dec. 25, 1838, died Jan 20 1940. I have
some of G-Granddads documents, death certificate, Civil War documents and
news interviews. If you wolud like I will send you all I have on him. This
would be best sent via snale mail. If you would send me your address. If
you would rather send it by mail, send it to Harold E. Ferguson 1217 Thomas
St. Denton, Texas 76201. Talk with you later.


>Hi;  You are not alone in the senior Fergusons looking for their roots. I was born in 1928 so I know exactly how you feel. As for health , all of us only have one day at a time. I put a lot of time and effort into taking good care on myself, and above all I try to set a good example for my family and friends. That was a lesson my father taught me. I have not been able to find much on my line of Fergusons, however I have learned how to find what I need. I have met so many wonderful people on the net, that alone is worth all the time I spend. My G-G-grandfather William Ferguson died on board ship on his way to the USA in 1852, he only had one son John Hunter Ferguson b. Dec.25, 1838 in Dumfries, Scotland. He lived most of his life in Iberia, Missouri. He was in the Civil War. He lived to the age 101 yrs. I remember visiting with him when I was a young boy. I was 12 yrs. old the year he died. As one old-thmer to another, hang in their we have a lot to do. God bless you and yours.  Your friend and fellow Ferguson Harold E. Ferguson Denton, Texas
> >Hi Sharon;  I understand how you feel about never finding family members. I have a situation that is unlike most. My Fergusons came to the USA in 1852, My G-G-Grandfather died aboard ship during the voyage. My grandfather was the only son, so only  one person could pass on the family name. I have a great uncle named William T. Ferguson born May 20, 1863 in Iberia, Missouri. All of my family of Fergusons have now migrated all over the country. I live in Denton, Tx. I was born in Dixon, Mo. If you have a connection to any of the Missouri Fergusons, please contact me, I would love to exchange information with you. Sincerely. Harold E. Ferguson, Denton, Texas

From: Harold Ferguson
Subject: [Ferguson] Roll call
I also am a descendant of John Ferguson. My great grandfather is John Hunter
Ferguson b. Dec. 25 1840 Dumfries Scotland. My grandfather John Richard
Ferguson b. Oct 7, 1873.
My brick wall is where my Fergussons came from. The oldest of them that I
have records on all came from the Dumfries, Scotland area.
I descend from the following.
1. William Fergusson b. abt.. 1741 Place unknown.
2. George Fergusson b.1786 Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
+Martha Kerr b. Oct. 23, 1791 Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
d. 1872.
3. Jane Fergusson b. 1811.
3. John Fergusson b. 1811.
3. William Thomas Ferguson b. June 19, 1816. Died at
sea 1852. (during Immigration)
+ Isabella Hunter b. 1818 Dumfries Scotland.
4. John Hunter Ferguson b. Dec. 25, 1840
(some records show 1838)
Census records in Dumfries in 1841
and 1851 show his to be born in 1840.
5. John Richard Ferguson b.Oct
7, 1873 Iberia, Missouri.
6. Charles Leslie
Ferguson b. March 1, 1899 Iberia, Missouri.
7. Harold
Edward Ferguson b. July 12, 1928 (me)
Harold E. Ferguson
Please note that all the Fergussons in Scotland spelled Ferguson with
(SS) and all who immigrated to the US spelled Ferguson with (s). I have no
idea why.

"From: ""Harold Ferguson""
Subject: [Ferguson] Ferguson/FERGUSSON ROLL CALL
I am looking for any of my Ferguson/FERGUSSON family anywhere around the
"world. My G-Grandfather, JOHN HUNTER Ferguson b. Dec. 25, 1840 in Dumfries"
Scotland. His parents were WILLIAM JOHN and ISABELLA (HUNTER) Ferguson. His
"Grand parents were GEORGE FERGUSSON, and MARTHA KERR. His G-Grandparents"
were WILLIAM FERGUSSON and JANE LINDSAY. All of the above lived in the
Dumfries area. I do not know of any other members of this family immigrating
to the USA or any other country. I am trying to find anyone related to this
"WILLIAM JOHN Ferguson, and his family,wife ISABELLA, one son and two"
daughters immigrated to the USA in 1852. William died aboard ship. His wife
"and three children continued the voyage, landed in New Orleans, La. and"
"later settled in Missouri. This family is well known in Miller, County"
Missouri. The Iberia area.
I would be delighted to hear from any interested parties.
"Harold Edward Ferguson Born Dixon, Mo. Now live in Denton, Texas"
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