From: George Ferguson
Subject: [Ferguson] New York Fergusons
Hello, listers;
I am looking for the birth and emigration record for James Ferguson- in Scotland. He married Gordon Peden in Corstorphine (edinburgh) in 1825-and emigrated to NYCity area around 1835. They had sons Alexander,Thomas,Walter and James that emigrated with them. Son, George was born in NYCity late 1830's.
Also looking for records of Wm. Ferguson born to Thomas and Johanna Ferguson ca.1865 in NYC. also John H Ferguson NYC to same.
Thanx for any help.
George Ferguson

Subject: Fergusons- NYCity
I occassionally see data on the Ferguson list-seldom see anything related to NYCity area.
I have some data for that area from 1835-early 1900s that I can share with others doing similar research.
I noted your note re: Ferguson marriages. I would be interested in marriages from NYC area. Is that something you might have ?
Communicating thru the list is still a bit of a mystery to me -tell me what procedure to follow to access and make info available, if you would.
Thank you.
George Ferguson